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List of paperbacks I have with me and are waiting to be read:
1.      Imagining India – Nandan Nilekani
2.      The 10 Day MBA – Steven Silbiger (borrowed from library) ~ Unread till date
3.      Iacocca – Lee Iacocca (borrowed from library) ~ Unread till date
4.      The Difficulty of being Good – Gurucharan Das
5.      A Time Elsewhere – J P Das  (Completed in Jan/Feb 2013)
6.      India Unbound - Gurucharan Das ~ Unread till date
7.      The City of Joy – Dominique Lapierre  (Completed on 23rd June)
Have you read any of these books?

When was the last time you held a book in your hands and read it completely?  How do you like e-books vis-à-vis paperbacks/hardbound books?

The last book I read was “A Bend in the Road” by Nicholas Sparks (eBook format). What was the last book you read (in any format)?

If you were stranded on an island for a day and had to (compulsorily) read a book, which one would you choose and why?
Can you judge a person by the book he/she reads?

P.S.: In search of a story. Hopefully I shall post one soon. 


Freelancer said…
aah books. bliss

1. read none from the list you mentioned,

2. Am holding one right now. I practically sleep with them. No to e-books for me. I love paperbacks/hardbacks. the smell of books is intoxicating.

3. Last Book read was 'Ruler of the World' by Alex Rutherford. hardback.

4. If I had to read a book while being stranded, hmm, I might re-read any book of Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson. As to the answer of your other query, you CAN judge a person. But what's the point? Some people like literary fiction while some love thrillers. I love fantasy. In the end, anyone who loves reading is good company.

Oh, btw you can link your wishlist url on my site -->

oh and since you being a book lover as well, can i tempt you to join my site?
Rià said…
Nope haven't read any! Reading and me seem to be more like long lost sisters these days. :(
IceMaiden said…
The last book I read was Memoirs of a Geisha. It was amazing. :)

I hate that life is now so hectic, that there are simply no days when all you do is curl up in bed or maybe beside a window, and lose yourself in the yellowing pages of a book. Sigh.
I have at least 35 books at home waiting to be read. I just don't seem to have enough time.
I read "Blasphemy" by Tehmina Durrani a couple of mohts back completely. I even had a 2 day hangover from the story.

On a desert island, I would read Harry Potter. It has not only been the biggest part my childhood but also gives everybody faith. Anybody feeling low at any level can relate to it, irrespective of age.
Also, its really big and I would like to lose myself in the story till i get rescued :P

Yes, I judge people upon what they read. I can never see a friend in someone who reads only Chetan Bhagat.

Good Luck with the story! :)
Anonymous said…
Have not read any :(
Haven't read any you mentioned but I read the ones I recently bought! I love books and ebooks...well they do not gimme that much pleasure! Happy reading :)

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