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Pre-note : This post is NOT about the book or the movie.

Sometimes we are not in the best of our moods. Sometimes problems bother us a little too much.

Many a times simple things give us "that elusive joy".

I decided to take a walk on a cold Saturday evening.

 My first stop was the street-side tea vendor. Viola ! He was not in the best of his moods. He told one of his "regular customers", " I just incurred a loss of 400 bucks. To earn it, I have to struggle now."  A simple statement. Yet it struck me with profound intensity. To start from the scratch. To carry on with your job in spite of hardships.

Not that he had a rocket-science job. But this incident reflects the basic attributes of any enterprising mind. I took my lesson and moved on.

This time I walked till my legs could carry me no further.


RiĆ  said…
So true! A lesson well learnt i'll say.

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