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Life is a gift.

I am in Kolkata these days. Yes, the City of Joy. 

It has been a long  hiatus from writing. Reasons are numerous ;  none of them seem valid to me.

I am living  my own life. On my own terms. I am a whiff of wind – once here, at another instance, somewhere else. No rules, no diktats. I’m a free bird.

Coming to Kolkata has been quite an experience. In a train, sweating most of the way, getting my way in the crowds at the station, breaking rules there, listening to people hurling abuses and not saying a word , getting the dreaded sprain again – in the same place, keeping a calm head, getting lost on the way to the guest house, living life king size, watching a government hospital function, noticing a cute medico ( LOLzzzz),queues for washroom, cafeteria and the like , riding a rick, sitting next to the auto driver, seeing real super- bitches emerge from their cocoons of goodness, waking up at 6 in the morning ( on a regular basis, mind you ! ) - You name it and I have it. 

But its fun in its own way. I have made new friends. I meet the old ones often.Office is cool (Literally. The air-conditioner transports us straight to  Antartica).

But its fun in its own way.

After all, didn't I say, life is a gift ?

P.S. : I miss home , my room and family. 


Nikhil Menon said…
Enjoy it as long as it lasts! :) Yeh Zindagi ma milegi dobara. :P

☆ Rià ღ said…
Hmm...hope u hav a good time there alothough, i never really likes Kolkata.

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