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On mornings like this,
When gentle streaks of light
Play hide and seek with darkness,
I crave to hold you real tight.
And never let you go.
In a spur, I abandon my hesitation,
Cross the space between us.
You often take cue  and recoil,
Just like my true lovesick man.
Slowly our tale begins and then
I hear you whisper a name
With passion and trepidation.
I pause , I listen.
It isn’t mine, someone else’s.
Fantasy shatters, heartache entails.
On waking up, you forget all.
I act like I know nothing at all. 

Pic Courtesy : Google


Fatima said…
Painful....but the poem was beautiful!

Yamini Meduri said…
By in life can a woman face this in real?? I am wordless Anwesa..!!

I love the poem but the feeling between the lines is too very painful..!!!
kritika said…
i love it..though painful but an amazing poem :)
mimy said…
nice idea, thanks for sharing

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