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  1. Being on time for college bus
  2. Waiting at the bus stop ( Bus time varies from 9:05 am to 9:25 am )
  3. Teasing  A  at the bus-stop ( I'm gonna miss the time spent with her in campus too :( )
  4. Reading newspaper/ lab records/ class notes frantically in the bus
  5. Waiting for 15 minutes at traffic signals while on the bus
  6.  Arriving at the campus 30 minutes before classes ( Yeah, go ahead and say I don't have a life :P )
  7. Getting into the Central Library for issue/ re-issue/ return of books that I never read :D :P
  8. Whiling away time in the digital library ( I do not go there to research, I  go there for  AC environment ) :D
  9. Roaming through racks of books in the library/reference section
  10. Reading "Midnight's Children" , " Discovery of India" , etc when there is a test in the next hour
  11. Reaching the class sharp at 10 am
  12. Being the only one in class ( very often ) when the teacher enters
  13. Branded as "nerdy villain" due to the above [12]
  14. Seeming to pay attention while listening nothing at all
  15. Sleeping in class with eyes wide open
  16. Throwing questions at the teacher while  still in sleep
  17. Waiting for the class to get over asap 
  18. Scribbling notes along with so many other thoughts
  19. Writing poems on  the last page of the notebook
  20. Attending 4 classes at a stretch and secretly cursing the last lecturer
  21. Cursing anyone who asks "doubts"
  22. Getting shocked at the announcement of assignment submission dates/test deadlines
  23. Making a beeline at "Book Island" for "xerox"
  24. Listening to "Aye Janicha ? ", "Hey Bhagooo !"
  25. Madhu Babu jokes :D :P :D
  26. Sitting next to the greats -  DJ, KTB and P2
  27. Watching  A,A and S- the first benchers - all 3 of them are madly scribbling EVERY word out of the lecturer's mouth
  28. Carrying an almost tattered red-black bag to class ( Its my lucky bag :P )
  29. Girly gossips :D :P
  30. Receiving exam/assignment notification/solution  on Facebook
  31. Attending "surprise quiz tests"
  32. Completing assignments JIT
  33. Food @ Monginis'
  34. Canteen ka veg chowmein , dosa , meals ( yuck !)
  35. Throwing money at Food Court, Flavours
  36. Talking about hometown while waiting for turn to take THE grand viva.
  37. Having no clue about study stuff yet nodding in affirmation confidently
  38. Meeting project mentor ( Pain in know where :| )
  39. Panic calls when exam dates are out
  40. Answering juniors' queries like " Where are you placed ? " , "What's your CGPA ? " ( Our juniors are one of their kind )
  41. Fumbling while answering questions asked by 3rd years on polar plot, Nyquist plot and such stuff
  42. Visiting Prof's chamber aka "matchstick box-rooms"
  43. Spending sleepless nights when your subjects,records,assignments, project - everything is half-done
  44. Staring at lab apparatus as if they were some UFO
  45. Getting frustrated when the "straight line graph" turns out to be a "curve"
  46. Hitting the lab instruments out of sheer anger
  47. Completing records, graphs, etc during submission period
  48. Wondering whether the stator or rotor is located on the outer surface of the motor ( 1st sem labs :P )
  49. Giving path-breaking theory ( read : Bluffmaster's Special ) while appearing a viva- exam
  50. Waiting for programs to be shared on common folder before the lab class is over
  51. Having laughter sessions during 3 hour long lab sessions
  52. Discussing about  "What happens @ IIT/ NIT ? " when we are still at ITER :P
  53. Giving presentation / seminar without any clue about the  whys/hows/ifs/buts.
  54. Sleeping in the semi-dark seminar hall while the session goes full-on
  55. Clapping wildly for your friend when (s)he talks absolute crap
  56. Splurging hundreds of currency notes @ Arya World 2 to make "attractive" seminar reports
  57. Mimic-ing all the teachers - the good, the bad and the ugly
  58. Calling every teaching element as "Mastra" ( and naming them for life. Same applies to some not-so-friendly classmates . Don't mind, we have fun that way :D ).
  59. Asking DJ for a sip from her water bottle
  60. On certain blue moons, coming to the class at 10:35 am and still getting an entry :D :D
  61. Classes getting cancelled :bliss:
  62. Strikes : argh !!! :
  63. Taking part in Tech-fest and losing every competition ( I believe in "Participation matters ! " ) Whatever !
  64. Frantically searching for a "crush-free salwar-kameez-dupatta set " every morning.
  65. Getting awesome compliments from random people "You've great, straight hair".
  66. Chatting with your pals in class,during breaks, on gtalk ( till midnight )
  67. " We've talked about that hero that year" - saying this to your closest classmates.
  68. Playing "Name-Place-Animal-Thing"/Dumb charades  in DSP classes sitting in the front row.
  69. Learning at least one subject every semester in a day ( That day is invariably the night before the exam ).
  70. Managing to listen to the teacher even though the whole class shouts/ plays music.
  71. Getting branded as "the most indisciplined branch" by the entire faculty - cutting across departments
  72. Dreading Environmental Engineering classes.
  73. Completing the last module of every subject in 1-3 hours.
  74. Wondering why I got a D/P  grade when I had aced that paper.
  75. Wondering who on earth gave you an "Excellent" grade when you just expected to pass in that paper.
  76. Rudely awakened from an afternoon nap in June with a call "Even sem results out !"
  77. A great January evening spoilt by an announcement "Odd sem results out !"
  78. Pass lists an hour before actual results :P
  79. Not getting placed in any biggie :|
  80. Getting placed in TCS with 402 other people
  81. Wondering if you would have fared worse in that entrance exam and taken up Mechanical Engineering instead, at least you could sit for 2/3/4 companies of your domain :P :D
  82. Abusing teachers on Facebook  : therapeutic :
  83. Finding your lecturers on Orkut :D :P 
  84. Getting shocked when you have attendance shortage and its on public domain :O :O
  85. Getting a secret pleasure when a teacher walks out of the class - after blasting the whole class on discipline
  86. The same teacher in [85] entering the class with a smile the very next day.
  87. Meeting classmates at some random competitive exam and jabbering away all the time.
  88. Talking to your single girl pals about the dearth of "boyfriend material guys" in campus vicinity.
  89. Teasing non-single souls about their better halves.
  90. Drooling over "that HR"  whose company didn't offer you a job :blush blush :
  91. Waiting till 12 midnight without food/ water/roof/ warm clothes ( in December) to get the news "You're placed !"
  92. Attending a company's campus selection process very well knowing that you would never join it :P ( Crazy-ness personified )
  93. Coming home after spending a night at girls' hostel ( I'm a day scholar ).
  94. Eating Maggi from a plate shared by 6 other girls ( I remember the warm feeling that night. )
  95. Listening to Mamma saying " Don't you have to study during B.Tech ? "
  96. Going to college and coming back with your cute lil' sis ( almost everyday ).
  97. Going to college, having one class and blowing away rest of the classes due to arbit reasons or no reasons at all.
  98. Seeing a junior faculty being rebuked/slighted by a senior faculty :P ( Awesome-ness :D )
  99. Surprising  most classmates by attending a DJ night at the end of 4 years ( Slipping away before the dance starts though - Cinderella style - Sadly no princes are involved :P )
  100. Making lists like this a day before the last/final  end-sems.


Felicity said…
You're clearly going to miss college a lot. :P
Amit Gupta said…
Such a sham list, no mention of boys! I don't believe it, liar ;)
sawan said…
school ka yaad dila diya!! and i back Amit on his comment :P
Priya Joyce said…
you inspire to make myself one like this :P
awesome list nerdy villian :P
☆ Rià ღ said…
Aah honey i dunno what to say...i still miss my college days! :(
sp.ajay said…
that was one hell of a long blog.

Even people do the same things at NITs. Though i have never issued a book from the library in the last 2 years. :)
crazyloops said…
wow you are totally awesome!
Reading this makes me want to read your blog, I mean all of it! :D
I'mma go do that now!
Anwesa said…
@ Felicity,

I sure am :P
Anwesa said…
@ Amit,

LOL...There is explicit mention of boys and men in - 88 [ there weren't any guys of "my types" :cry: ] and 90 ( A harsh,useless but CUTE HR guy :heartbroken: :P ). So this ain't a sham list :D
Anwesa said…
@ anil,

:D I guess you've cleared your doubts now :D
Anwesa said…
@ Lil' Priya,

That's great :) waiting to read your list :) soon :)
Anwesa said…
@ Ria,

Hmmm...good old days :)
Anwesa said…
@ sp.ajay,

:P I guess it happens everywhere in India :)
Anwesa said…
@ crazyloops,

Hey ! Thanks :) Read through :) I hope you'll enjoy it.
Bikramjit said…
Beleive me you will miss MUCH MUCH more than all this :)

Those were the day the Golden days of life ...

Anwesa said…

Rocky said…
You don't have a life :P There you go, you wished for it :P
Anwesa said…

Gee...Thanks :)
Sneha said…
Awesome list !!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i read points 71, 85, 86, i felt as if u were talking about my class :P :D

Loved reading this list. It really made me nostalgic.
Anwesa said…
@ Sneha,

:) Yeah,those were the fun days :)

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