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The first time I actually noticed you was right after the wedding. Tall, lanky and fair. I heard you were intelligent too. A dream match – I was told. But I found you…genuinely interesting. 

Yes, you are the best guy I have ever seen.

 Remember how lost I was in the kitchen ? I knew nothing except scrambling eggs. You were gracious enough to cook for me. Offered me a glass of milk every night I sat down to study. I guess I succumbed to your charms from then on. Everything seemed to be your smile – the curve of your lips – I wished I could throw all my books and  just trap your image in my eyes. But I couldn’t – Because you wanted me to be happy – and I was happy to study , even after I was a wife, a married girl. Being your wife made me the happiest  girl ever. I still remember the pride in your eyes when you saw me in the graduation robe. Of all the years we have spent together, this particular moment remains evergreen in my mind. Your calm demeanour getting ruffled by your  laughter. I’m holding that picture of us now – the one we took that day. Then you gifted me Emmy – the greatest that has happened to me – except you of course. Emmy is still a kid – even though she has two of her own now. Remember how she ran to you right after you came home after work ? She had various things to say – mostly how I bossed around her. I was so imperfect – but the stolen glances you threw at me – falling in love with you forever is the easiest thing on earth.

Emmy deeply misses you. A lot. You are a void that can never be filled. Ever. There cannot be another man like you. Ever. I miss you too. I miss the man who once took my hand and told me, in the most sincere voice, “Even if I’m away, I’m always with you.” You meant it and I believe you. 

I badly want to see you now. Can I ?

I had to tell you something too. Just the usual.
Thanks for the memories.

Picture Courtesy : DeviantArt


Felicity said…
You write beautifully. :)
Freelancer said…
damnit!!! this was painful and haunting and so beautiful. i can relate to it as am going trhough a phase thats a bit similar
mynk said…
just went with it........ very well written , went into memories.....
Phoenix said…
your words have an haunting effect bring back painful memories of the past..

breathtakingly beautiful! :)
sachet ahuja said…
Neat stuff man..wonderfully written..:)
Priya Joyce said…
beautiful post anu :)
simply loved it!
☆ Rià ღ said…
painfully heart wrenching... :( Sweetie time for a happy story.
Tulika said…
Gush !

Pure. Deep.Clear.
Ratzzz said…
dammit!! first thing i thought after reading it on the Greader was to hope "let this be fiction, plz plz plz".. :|

you better dont give me heart attacks like this girl! :| shakes finger
Bikramjit said…
hmmm why does it happen..

Memories are something we all live with and Me tooo.. :)

I hope you get to fulfill all the memories :)

Priya said…
It's been sad sad for me for long. I need a happier one.
Tulika Verma said…
This is so beautiful, Anwesa! Truly touching!
Anwesa said…
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
@ Freelancer,

Hope you find your happiness soon.
Sometimes life's tribulations give the sweetest memories.
Anwesa said…

Its not that easy to let go but eventually, we have to do it.

Thanks for being here.
Anwesa said…
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
@Lil' Priya,
Thanks dear :)
Anwesa said…

Well, I thought it was a happy post - memories of falling in love.

Maybe I might write a "they lived happily ever after" tale - just for you :)

Thanks for visiting this place :)
Anwesa said…
Thanks !
Anwesa said…

:D Yeah,will keep in mind :P
Anwesa said…

Sometimes half-filled memories give you a life-time of happiness.. don't they ?
Anwesa said…
@ Priya,

Yes....I need to think on those lines.
Anwesa said…
@Tulika (Verma)[for clarity's sake],

Thanks dear !

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