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I always wanted to walk on clear paths.
But if I get lost with you in the alleys,
I would love it.

I always wanted to be the richest person.
But if I am in rags with you by my side,
I would love it.

I always wanted to live a long life.
But if I ever die in your arms,
I would love it.


Ria said…
Aah what a thought, i have often felt this way.
and if you ever make a fool of myself, not only i will laugh it off,but i would love to make a fool of myself too.
Nikita said…
Scribbling Girl said…
Awww so lovey dovey and beautiful :)
Fatima said…
Beautiful thoughts...true words :)

Take Care.
Me said…

It is 'YOU' who matters, the company...nothing else fills in for it :)
That waws beautiful!
What every girl wants from life :)
satya said…
excellent!! heart touching..
Anwesa said…
@ Neeha,
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
@ Ria,
You are one amongst the blessed. Touchwood !
Anwesa said…
@ Priya,
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
samajh mein nahin aaya kya likha, lekin jo bhi likha gazab likha ! :P
Anwesa said…
@ Nikita,
Thanks !!
Anwesa said…
@ Scribbling Girl,
Thanks !!
Anwesa said…
Thank you !!
Anwesa said…
:D Yes,for sure.
Anwesa said…
@ Harini,
Thank you :)
Anwesa said…
@ satya,
Thanks !
so expressive, gonest and poetic

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