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“Madam, Mr. Salil Verma died last night.”

“Any major complications regarding any issue ?”

“No Madam. Will you be there at the funeral ?”



“Mamma, Jeet is a nice guy.”

“You need a lot of time to decide that. Not now.”


“No more discussion. You are getting late. You are supposed to assist me in the multiple fibrosis case.”

“Mamma…you know what ? You are making a mistake. I can take my decisions now. Just because you weren’t happy with your marriage……… “

“ You can slap me but cannot change my mind. Dr. Rekha Mistry – mark my words.”

“Rekha, I think we don’t need this.”

“ Salil, are you out of your mind ?”

“Rekha, it’s a girl.”

“You did an amniocenetesis ? Do you realize what have you done ? ”

“C’mon Rekha, its ours. I wanted to know. My parents wanted to know. And I don’t think they will be happy with a ……”


“Baba, how is my child ?”

“She survived. My girl is a fighter.”

“Don’t cry Rekha. She is your daughter. You have to be her mother and her father as well.”

“Baba, you always told me education is my greatest weapon. I have a degree. I am a gyneac . Yet I feel so defeated. ”

“Never say that my child ! Your education will stand in your stead now. You were emotional while you took your decision. Sadly the world does not run on emotions. But don’t worry, you have not lost anything…..”

“Except an illusion…..Baba, I mistook Salil for the man I dreamt of.”


My dear Richa,

……………….. I think you know all that you needed to . I leave it all to you to decide. I am with you. But please ensure first that Jeet is not like the man I fell in love with and married.

Not Dr. Rekha Mistry


Your loving Mamma.


“Jeet, I guess I need some more time.”


P.S. :  Wishing the female readers a happy International Womens' Day (March 8).
P.P.S. : This post is a fictionalised account of  a real incident . Its about Dr. Mitu Khurana, a Delhi based pediatrician. She is the first woman to have filed a case under the PC-PNDT act against her husband and in laws. She also filed a case against a Delhi based hospital and the doctor who did an ultra sound on her to determine the sex of her twins fetuses. Mitu’s in-laws who wanted her to undergo an abortion tortured, her. She endured the abuse and harassment. She gave premature birth to twin girls. Her ordeal didn't end there. Mitu's attempts over 3 years to get her husband to accept the girls failed. Instead, she was thrown out of the house, so that her husband could marry again. Mitu is now trying to fight the case under the PCPNDT Act that clearly states that hospital and doctors should neither conduct sex determination tests nor disclose the sex of the fetuses.


Scribbling Girl said…
I loved the way u narrated it all...u have magic in ur words....sadly such things still happen and that the hard reality....wish things change someday and i hope we women make some men see the right....

Happy women's Day dear in advance.
Nikita said…
Touching post !!
Phoenix said…
beautiful and meaningful post!!

happy women's day girl! :)
Ria said…
I dont have words...its shameful tht such things still happen. Hope Nitu gets strength to fight against the odds.
Priya said…
Nice Post for this Day. Happy Women's Day Dear.
This was a beautiful piece of work.
But this act is totally failure one.because:
1)Neither transparency nor clarity in the functioning of the Act.
2)Wrong-reporting regarding the number of court cases filed.that is around 5%
3)Lack of accountability and will to enforce the law.
4)there is no monitoring of actions prescribed in the act

and women are involved in many cases violating this as long as it continues who's gonna solve this problem?
Fatima said…
Touching post...and its sad to know that still today people do that and stoop so low....

Can't comment more on this though I want too...
Sh@s said…
The most fitting post for the day!
Pooja said…
So very well written.

It moved me so much.
Neeha said…
Thnks for sharing this.
Should appreciate her for her determination..
Anwesa said…
@ Scribbling Girl,
Anwesa said…
@ Nikita,
Thank you !
Anwesa said…
@ Phoenix,
Thanks dear :)
Anwesa said…
@ Ria,
She is still fighting. For the cause of half of the world.
Anwesa said…
@ Priya,
Thanks !!
Anwesa said…
@ Manoj,
The thrust of this post was on the plight of an educated woman and her struggle.

I am a novice in legal matters and would not like to comment on those aspects right now.
Anwesa said…
@ Fatima,

You really can't....after a certain point one becomes really impassive.
Anwesa said…
@ sh@s,
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
It moved me too. Hats off to the lady !
Anwesa said…
Yes, certainly.
Mitu Khurana said…
Thanks Friends, yes she has very well brought it out. Only my marriage was an arranged one in a educated family. My husband is also a doctor.
And yes the struggle continues. The Government and authorities have joined the accused and are shielding them. The authorities are asking me to settle the cases and withdraw my cases- and either give my husband a son or a divorce so that he can remarry to have sons.
u can know more on .
thanks a lot for bringing this out so beautifully.
Anwesa said…
@ Dr. Mitu,

I can't tell you how glad I am to see you here.

I saw on CNN-IBN the other day and was moved by what you said. This post is a story based on your experiences.

I hope that you win this battle - not only for your daughters but also for those 50 million missing women - I am with you in your struggle.

Give my love to your girls.

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