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We met, didn’t we ? So what if it was after ages. You looked almost like a thorough gentleman. That was least expected. Anyways, glad to see that you’ve changed for the good. Glasses look good on you..wait, you look good in glasses. As for me, you know…. I’m the same clumsy little girl…now no more little. Haha. Yeah. I still laugh in between conversations. And I still struggle while beating eggs. But do you realize the time that has flown by ?

I freelance these days . Yes, as you often said “the free bird.” Home is pretty okay, same furniture, same furnishing, same books….Our mango tree died. Last winter. I cried a lot. Now I don’t miss it a lot. Got used to. Same way as I …….. Anyways, I can always write reams about my hardships and suffering. They should not make sense to you now. Do they ? I don’t know…..

Meanwhile, let me tell you… Emmy is sweet. She resembles her. I wish she were here. With you. She was fun to be with. For the short time she met me, I thought you were lucky to have her. I know that her picture is in your wallet these days. By the way, does your wallet have any money ? Just kidding… I know you’re rich enough.

Are you wondering why I’m writing this ? Its Monday. I thought why not revive the old tradition ? Different intentions this time though. So will you reply ? If you do, send it through Emmy.

P.S. : Sending an old picture of yours. I found it only yesterday. Miraculous, isn’t it ? Keep it for old times' sake.

P.P.S. : Shall I send over some pineapple marmalade I made ?


Rushabhh Gandhi said…
I dont know whats happening! :P
Phoenix said…
Whoa!!! amazing!!! i simply loved it! abstractions to perfection!!! :) girl you have evolved!

WarmSunshine said…
somehow i feel sadness in this one. it runs deeper than it seems. expressive! nicely done :)
Fatima said…
This is not what it seems to be.... there is something hidden between the lines, what it is I'm unable to gauge!

Still it was nicely put up!

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Take Care,
Rekha said…
So many layers of emotion hidden in these simple words...nice.
Anushree said…
one can feel the hurt in this note!!
Bikramjit said…
what do you mean for old times sake hmmm .. I hope you get the reply

take care

Pooja said…
Plethora of emotions put together so subtly.. You have grown so much as a writer. :)
Scribbling Girl said…
OMG this is such an amazing piece <3
I so so loved it and the idea too....sigh such it life.
Tulika said…
Whirls of abstraction.

Your writing is getting better through & through. I know I missed a lot.

You've evolved so much. It was a great experience reading this. It just strikes sumwer deep. I feel lucky to have read this. Such an understatement.
Anwesa said…
I'm glad you don't :D
Anwesa said…
Thanks a lot !! I'm glad you read this.
Anwesa said…
:) I'm so glad you could get exactly what I wanted to convey.

Keep visiting !
Anwesa said…
Thanks dear ! Belated HVD to you :)
Anwesa said…
*smile* We can't help sometimes,can we ?
Anwesa said…
Anwesa said…
@Scribbling Girl,
Thank you ! That felt great :)
Anwesa said…
It feels awesome to get a response like this. I hope I continue to write here for a long time to come.

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