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Yes, I am a woman.

The one who was loathed at birth.

The one unloved in childhood.

The one who had to abide by rules.

The one who was not supposed to question norms.

The one who was taught to be blind, timid and shy.

The one who did all and had none.

The one who was a doormat.

The one who would never complain.

The one who could be handled like a puppet.

The one who could be stared at, touched inappropriately and used.

The one who was an object.

The one who died without mourning.


I am a woman.

Free. On my own.

Yes, I am a woman.


Scribbling Girl said… true of most woman lives...u captured it all in so short words...Marvelous :-)

Was dark , painful and yet the reality we dont wanna see.
Ria said…
This was so real....painful but true!
Avi said…
Dark truth brought out nicely !
Anwesa, you remind me of Ben Johnson's song"That Woman are but Men's Shadows" in which he says playfully that women have no solid and independent personalities of their own, but depend for men in their very existence.
I do consider your mourning your sex bad luck in this high refusal tone. I respect you a lot.
That's me said…
So true... I relate with every single line. This is the first time I visited you blog and you already have a fan now :)
Beautiful. I am glad it ain't true anymore. The equation has changed.
Anwesa said…
@Scribbling Girl,
Thanks :)
Anwesa said…
@The new reader from Yemen,
Apologies ! I cannot catch your name.
Thanks for being here,reading this and caring to drop in a few lines.
Anwesa said…
Thanks !
Anwesa said…
@That's me,
:) Thanks a lot ! Readers like you give me a pep to keep going.
Anwesa said…
@The Peripatetic Nomad,
:) Yes,it has. For the better.
Phoenix said…
can anything be more beautiful than this?

i love your thoughts that made you write this!! :)
Anwesa said…
Thanks dear !

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