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The Utopia has vanished.
Reality emerges.Harsh,cruel and derogatory.
Love has lost. Evil triumphed.
The warrior lost the battle.
He had no armoury.
Just a dream - the dream of victory.
Mistook foes as friends.
Lost ambition in wine,lust and enjoyment.
The warrior is wounded. Deeply. In body and soul.
Death refuses to take him.
The nasty creature that he is.
Life and death, both, elude him.
To the world, he is a lost warrior.
In his heart, amidst all darkness, there is a little shimmer.
Of hope.
Of regaining the lost paradise.
The penance must begin.
Like a phoenix  must the lost warrior rise.


Ria said…
Aah that was harsh!
PULKIT said…
you have a strong honest connect to your inner soul, keep it up
melancholic but i guess it has got a happy ending.
seems like it
it great conversing with oneself that too in abstract tongue.
Neeha said…
I hope 'Like a phoenix must the lost warrior rise'.
Keshi said…
Wow this is excellent stuff Anwesa! u always wrote with brilliance, with so much clarity and concentration on our detailed & deepest feelings.

I loved the line where u talked abt both Life & Death eluding him. So many times I've felt like that, under different situations. I could relate so much to this one. Thanks for writing this and hey, keep writing always!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to ya! :)

Thousif Raza said…
oh love these lines...

"Death refuses to take him.

Life and death, both, elude him."

it was like you were singing a beautiful song. i could picture it and its like u were creating art... loved those lines

and the verse itself is amazing.... whatever made you write these lines... i hope it makes u rise... with the enchantment, strength and beauty of the Phoenix :)

wishes :)

take care and keep writing..........
Anwesa said…
Life,mostly,is harsh.
Anwesa said…
Thanks :)
Anwesa said…
I too hope the same.
Anwesa said…
Glad to have you here. And gladder to know you liked this.

Wish you happier times ahead !
Anwesa said…
Thanks !!!!
Phoenix said…
warriors cant quit.. thats why like a phoenix he/she must rise..such is the rule of life!
Anwesa said…
Yes...Who knows it better than you ?

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