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I once had a dream

Of happiness and joys

Of kisses and toys.

One fine morning

The bubble vanished

Ugly reality rose its head.

There lay my dream

Smashed, butchered.

Slaughtered heinously.

I walked over it.

Dragged by the moment.

Tearing me apart.

I gave a fake smile.

I had to move on,

Inspite of a dead soul .


Tulika said…
Ugly face of life. May be just a phase. Who knows !
Scribbling Girl said…
sigh to such phases....but then happiness does come again.
WarmSunshine said…
yea guess we all have to fake it sometimes!
Ria said…
Aah painful...write some happy poems dear.
Thousif Raza said…
hmmm mehek writing somthing so so fifferent than what she writes... hmmm.. interesting..... it started with such simple but so beautifull emotion, taking for a ride in the middle like a giant tsunami wave.... i'm not kidding thats how i felt, then towards the end where it gently lay, but with a slow but fierce push.... i like it... a lot...

take care and keep writing..........
Neeha said…
Fact of the life..
But one day,you will get much better than wat u dreamed..
Take care
Its a painful fact of life..
Ninz said…
..and yet life has to go on....that which does not kill us only makes us stronger!!!

Good writing:)
Anwesa said…
A phase....or maybe a way of life.
Anwesa said…
@Scribbling Girl,
Hope so....
Anwesa said…
Needs thinking....maybe yes....
Anwesa said…
Yeah,happy poems will be written on 9th of Feb,2011 ;)
Anwesa said…
Liked your reply. Somehow made me like this post :)
Anwesa said…
@Devil Incarnate,
rocky said…
Can totally relate the poem to myself. We really live in a world of dreams and when that dream is shattered, we are left shattered. As said in ROCKY IV movie, "It doesn't matter how hard you hit, what matters is how hard you get hit and how fast can you get up and fight again"
Anwesa said…
Glad to see you here. Long time :) And yes, sometimes we have to be up and going,no matter how broken we are...As they say "The show must go on..."
it's strange how closely knit human emotions seem at times ... words from the core of our hearts are never meant to be judged and so no literal critique .. some thing that i had written on similar lines -

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