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Yes, I killed my husband.

To the world he was an awfully rich man.

To me he was a demon.

He tried to outrage my child’s modesty.

I could not do anything else then.

The kitchen knife was at hand.

Just four inches into his body and he was gone.

To me he was a habitual sexual offender, nothing else.


Jaspreet said…
That was a strong expression Anwesa! Rarely does one get to see strong expressions expressed through such short posts! Wonderful!
Ria said…
Aah wonderfully expressed dear. I really liked, very mature indeed.
Ms.Meduri said…
wonderfully expressed..!!!

I wish every woman suffering in the world gets the courage of the lady here and kill the violence forever and ever..!!!
what a wife couldnt do, a mother did it...
Neeha said…
Hey very well expressed..
Blogs are a way to bring awareness abt DVA,Chide abusement..Keep it up:)
it reminded me of dat movie provoked. v intense poem...
preeti said…
beautifully expressed. Period
Bikramjit said…
good he deserves it ... Well done i would say ...

and all who see this happening shud take a stand

good post

Priya Joyce said…
heinous for a dad to do that!
Thousif Raza said…
nice work... simple yet as always find their mark :)

take care and keep writing.........
well, i guess that was a clean conscience - clearCUT n precise in its thoughts n stab!
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
Bikramjit said…
thats a strong strong emotion
calm down deep breaths he he hehe :)

Bikram's blog
Cinderella said…
LOL @ DD;s comment above. Thats his staple.

But I like this. I woulda loved a more abstract presentation but still this much better than Danielle Steel.

ANWESA said…
Thanks ! Glad to hear that.
ANWESA said…
I believe you are Yamini...So,yes girl. Takes a lot of courage to defy norms.
ANWESA said…

Loved your reply.
ANWESA said…
Thanks dear ! But what is DVA ? Just curious.
ANWESA said…
@Angels never lie,

Yes, situation is similar to "Provoked".

It was a piece of prose.

Thanks for your reply !
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
ANWESA said…
Thanks a lot !

P.S. : What does "Harini" mean ? I believe it means "a female deer". Am I right ?
ANWESA said…
Glad to see two comments from you !

Thanks !
ANWESA said…
@Chocolate Lover,
Thanks !!
ANWESA said…
@Lil' Priya,

Yes.It is. Unpardonable.
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
ANWESA said…
Not a simple decision though...
ANWESA said…
Yeah,dark fiction.
ANWESA said…
Shocked ? :P Accha nahin laga ?
ANWESA said…
Hmmm...I was experimenting with this style. But if its better than a bestselling novelist's work, I take it as a compliment.
You know me well :D


Achha tha..thoda blunt tha...matlab kind of obtuse tha.. u know..achanak se itna violence wo bhi 77 words mein .. got a kya tha :D...
ANWESA said…
Zor ka jhatka zor se lag jaata hai aajkal :P
Scribbling Girl said…
That was indeed short and yet so succinct...only u cd have crafted it so nicely ....great work :)
ANWESA said…
@Scribbling Girl,
Its an honour to hear something like that. Thanks a lot !
Anthony Souls said…
Very intense and darkly interesting :)
ANWESA said…
@Anthony Souls,
Thanks !
pRasad said…
Just wondering, why did you take this topic ..

BTW, agree with you that anyone involved in sexual atrocities with kids deserve death for sure..:)
ANWESA said…
The plight of such unfortunate fellow human beings disturb me. Hence the post. said…
Intense! and touching!
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
Anonymous said…
Very strong.

Strongly provoked.
Anwesa said…
Thanks :)
rahul karn said… words to praise your level of thinking and style of writing....

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