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He : You know what ? You were my biggest childhood crush .

She (smilingly) : Yes, I know. Infact I always knew. See you again tomorrow !

*After she goes away *

He ( to himself ,silently) : You still are …..a lot more than infactuation. I wish you had known this too.

She ( to herself , silently ) : I wish I were more than a crush….sigh !


Priya Joyce said…
hahaha it does happen...
if only we could read the minds of people we love ;)
Mayz said…
this emotion is so bloody complicated ki humen khud hi nahi pata hota
Ria said…
Aah happens to so many ppl....why dont ppl say what they feel.
Thousif Raza said…
i like this he and she you write.... really nice :).... :) kinda has that bubbly, innocent feel towards it, makes it that much more adorable :)
Life Unleashed said…
ouwwwww....i feel so pity wen hear smth like dis...n it happen often...i hope pple can reveal their feelings more...bdw beautiful post
hey... could imagine the situation.. so nice.:) it happens often..:)
Me-Era* said…
The Need To Speak. :D
nikita said… hurts...sometimes silence needs to be broken....sigh...
awww that is so cute!! And its so true!
I loved the way you've put it :)
Rajlakshmi said…
sighh love unexpressed...
well narrated.
Bikramjit said…
I just hope tomorrow when they meet .. they get it out before its too late.. already late..
Harshita said…
things we never say...things we hide...

I missed all the fun on blogger... I missed ur writings...sorry, been away fr long...
I wish at times we could think aloud...but no wait thats too dangerous!! :-)
Dhanya said…
If only people knew how to communicate more openly about the way they feel, love wouldn't be so confusing as it is made out to be ;)
ANWESA said…
@Lil' Priya,
Yes...Only if....
ANWESA said…
Yes and sadly we realize when it is too late.
ANWESA said…
Maybe the fear of losing a great friend grips them..
ANWESA said…
Thanks ! Nice to hear from you..
ANWESA said…
@Life unleashed,
Thanks ! Nice to see you here.
ANWESA said…
Thanks :)
ANWESA said…
Thanks !!
ANWESA said…
Hopefully :) Liked your optimism.
ANWESA said…
Welcome back babeh !
ANWESA said…
:) Yes,it is.
ANWESA said…
Yes..if only...
Scribbling Girl said…
Sigh to love....but then sometimes love is so complicated that we love these unknown moments...where we cherish our crushes because they remained our crushes :)
ANWESA said…
@Scribbling girl,
Yes,but when crushes become more than just crushes...then ?
one take home message for me: "beta bol dey! nehein toh yehi hone wala hai...".
ANWESA said…
Spot on !
Viyoma said…
Gosh!! So much in those 77 words!! Superb!!
ANWESA said…
Thanks !
what to say...

looking back i have to regret... that often when i loved.. i did not said.... sigh!

ANWESA said…

:) Sometimes things are not right or wrong. They just happen.
Neeha said…
Oh god!!
Your blog is really grt..
Esp He and She is adorable....

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