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The Life and Times of Hurman Baweja ( Bollywood "actor") as explored by two buddies - purely for entertainment. Invalid for legal references.

me: not much

9:34 PM but i think he's an actor

unlike hurman baweja


hurman sucks :P

Jogeshwar: Harman baweja is a joke

just a joke

me: i wached WYR

Jogeshwar: but he is a nice person

me: he sucks terribly

9:35 PM u kno him ???????

Jogeshwar: priyanka ate him up in the movie

yes i do.. his cousin is my batchmate

me: yeah,actually PC was good in parts

really ?

Jogeshwar: yes


me: female cusin?

Jogeshwar: No, male

9:36 PM me: :D

Jogeshwar: his name is Rietesh Bhatia

me: Fashion

i liked it


oh ! cool name :)

Jogeshwar: yes i liked fashion too

9:37 PM me: page 3 was good but fashion was better

Jogeshwar: yes i agree

Harman's mausi's son

me: oh oh !


Jogeshwar: the whole family was there during our convo


Including Harman

9:38 PM me: really ?



Jogeshwar: till then, he had not revealed that was harman's cousin

no, i am serious

me: oh oh oh


dats y he's floppin

Jogeshwar: But sadly, he wasn't mobbed by girls

me: bad 4 him :P

Jogeshwar: hee hee

me: ROFL


9:39 PM Jogeshwar: ya, but he is a good fellow, down to earth

me: u talked 2 him ?

Jogeshwar: yes, for a few minutes

me: hmmm.... :)

Jogeshwar: just basic intro.. i actually aid i was his fan.. aise hi

me: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Jogeshwar: he believed me and thanked me




poor chap !


Jogeshwar: yup

and i was too shy to post our pictures together

me: LOL

send me 1

Jogeshwar: because people would laugh at me

me: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Jogeshwar: i will, by mail

9:41 PM me: yup,sure :)

i'll show it 2 my female frnds

Jogeshwar: hee hee

they like him

me: n m sure u'll hav more fans dan him :P

9:42 PM Jogeshwar: now dont tell me even if you are actually joking.. i am feeling so important

me: no,m serious


Jogeshwar: ok, thanks for not revealing that you were joking


9:43 PM me: do send me a pic...i'll send u d reactions in writing :P

Jogeshwar: ok let me now reveal something to you

me: wat????

Jogeshwar: i have been joking all this while.....

dont beat me

me: I knew :P

i knew i knew

9:44 PM :P

btw,riteish sounded too good :P

Jogeshwar: ok is that the disappointed "i knew" or the 'i actually knew you were joking you jogi fool-i knew"

9:45 PM me: actually knew you were joking you jogi fool-i knew"

Jogeshwar: hee hee

me: :P

Jogeshwar: oh then i made a fool of myself


me: haha..nvr mind :)

*End of the excerpt*



Hemanth Potluri said…
i actually misread the title first and was thinking who was this human baweja ..:P..

Pooja said…
With Lovestory 2020 as his debut movie, I kinda have made my mind this guy is going nowhere..

btw, I liked Page3 better than Fashion! :)
suruchi said…
Hi Anwesa...
Poor Hurman!
But lol to the read!
Ria said…
So u guys had fun at the expense of the owner.
Nikhil Menon said…

cant find anything better for dis piece.. :D
Tulika said…
This was a crazy chat. LOL

I wonder what would be his reaction if he reads this bit. :P
Priya Joyce said…

poor ur frnd ;)

waise i liked harman's looks in WYR :P

well u gimme n idea.. of posting chats ;) :d

if ppl read our chats believe me tey'll literally ROTF and laugh :P
Thousif Raza said…
i guess you can say.. all's well that end's well...;)


take care and keep writing..............
Thanks for stopping by dear. :)

And lol to the post. I hate that actor!
why oh why??/

yaar hurman is nothing without his gal priyanka albeit I did like fashion.

bechara cousin of hurman baweja

ps: will u write about jacky bhagnani too?
-eagerly awaiting :D
ANWESA said…
Haha...he changed his name from "Harman" to "Hurman" for numerological reasons :P
ANWESA said…
It was Love Story 2050 :P :P
ANWESA said…

thanks for dropping by !
ANWESA said…
yeah,a crazy chat indeed.

Maybe he'll start doing something else other than "acting".
ANWESA said…
@Lil' Priya,

He might have looked nice but his screen presence is big ZERO.

Yeah,waiting to ROFL@ur posts too :)
ANWESA said…
@The (un)common woman,

ANWESA said…
@i'll try to be truthful,
I was watching it on good old TV, din't spend a dime on it :P

I guess I don't have the courage to watch a Jackie Bhagnani movie and survive through it :P
Now, now, everyone's just eating up the poor boy..we are forgetting that he's human before being hurman :p
Funny conversation :D My heart goes out to that cousin....;)
ANWESA said…
@Destiny's Child,
:P :P

Yes,the imaginary cousin named Riteish Bhatia......

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