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It was a crazy moment.
I never realized things would get so serious.
 The last minute talk did not help.

 I did the ‘right’ thing before it was too late.

I had learnt to live sans you.

Now its you again.
 But I can’t do it anymore.

 My love is dead - like my unborn baby.


Ria said…
hmm...break ups are always painful!!
Arv said…
These hard steps are taking you to a bright future... always remember that :)
Thousif Raza said…
strong.... very strong.... love it.... keep it up.....

take care and keep writing..........
ANWESA said…

"You" strikes again :P
ANWESA said…
Painful but ensures happiness in the long run :)
ANWESA said…
Thanks for reading !
ANWESA said…
Yes,that's true.
ANWESA said…
thank you !
rainboy said…
lovely 55 fiction me likes.
Oh... That was i dont know what to say or have the word to explain .. the comparison made between the loss of someone and then the loss of baby ..

WELL DONE is all i can say it was really very goood ... Good luck
Priya Joyce said…
trust once lost relationship once broken cn be the same never again...

u put that very well:)
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanks a lot!
ANWESA said…
@Lil' Priya,
rightly said !
Hemanth Potluri said…
its only fiction right sis ..but u put all the pain in those words...

i jst dropped by ur blog..and went through many of ur posts..they r really heart warming...
by the way it wud be apleasure if u vist mine too..its
comments and folloers r always welcome..
ANWESA said…
yeah...thanks for reading!!
ANWESA said…
@aritra the daydreamer,
thanks for being here,ll go to ur place soon :)
Nikita said…
My love died like an unborn baby.....dis line has passed into my soul from d eyes...
Nikita said…
view mine too
ANWESA said…

Will check out your place soon...

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