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Happy birthday "My Life and Times" !

My blog is two years old today.

A big THANK YOU to my readers, who have kept me going.

Today, I want to share a beautiful poem with all of you. Its all the more special as it has been written by my mother. Long back though.
 I'm pretty sure,you'll love it.


I remember...
The moment I first saw you
When I first looked into your eyes
I felt a tremor,pass down my spine
But you remained unaffected.

I remember...
The other times
Fate put us together.
The many efforts I made
To reach out to you
But you remained indifferent.

I remember...
How desperate I felt
When I did not feel
your presence near,
When I tried to let you know
how much I yearned for you.
But you never seemed to care.
I remember...
The day you were leaving
And I saw you passing by..
My eyes brimming with
unshed tears,
Wondering if you would take me along.
But you never noticed.

I remember...
The tumult I felt within me
Waiting to reveal my
feeling to you,
wanting to probe into
Your silence.

And then...

I felt your
eyelids rise..
The time stood still
when you stopped
and nodded.

I understood you cared.

Note : To read more of her poems,click here.


Priya said…
Happy Birthday to your blog and keep coming girl.
Shilpa said…
Gr8 going... :)
Hearty wishes :)
and thats a nice one from your mother.
Arv said…
Congrats mate :)

keep penning :)
Ria said…
hey happy b'day to ur blog dear!! and hope to see u always writing. :)
Thousif Raza said…
beautiful... the simple words, yet so elegantly used... very beautiful.... :)

and many many happy returns to your blog... may it life for a hundred years more ;)

take care and keep writing.......
~NeeR~ said…
And I love your greatly woven...

Keep writing

Kind Regards
Tulika said…
Heyy !!

I had read this earlier and this is one of the best poems I've ever read. I love it beyond words.

Happy Birth Day "My Life And Times".

I jumped on the bandwagon and hope have an eternal journey.

Best Wishes Anwesa di. :)
rainboy said…
Congrats on anniversary .

Your mom made them, the words talk.

nice one

take care kid
Dhanya said…
Happy wala budday to your blog :D :D
alok said…
Needless to mention that you are a wonderful companion :-) Wish you a very happy belated Birth Day!
Hemanth Potluri said…
Congrats sis :)..wish to see many and many more years to come :)..

Pri said…
happy anniversary to your blog...may it live a very very long life!! ;)


P.S: i loved the poetry
I lovvee your after a lonng time!

Congratulatons for the blog birthday!! Lovely poem.. :)
WarmSunshine said…
hey congrats on ur blog's b'day :)

and cute poem :)
Saras said…
"Mother", God's priceless Gift to you to act on his behalf to support and protect you in all your endeavours!
ANWESA said…
@Dear All,
Thank you for those lovely words !
Nikita said…
its heart touching...
ANWESA said…
Thanks !

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