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In the fading lights of dusk,

Made in pure colours,

Amazing human vision,

Gushing life into listless spirits,

I find you mesmerizing.

No! You are not real.

All the same, you are beautiful.

Truth is far from you.

In the oasis of dreams

On eyes you rest and

Nurture fantasies of what will never be.


MultiMenon said…
Wonderful acrostic... :))

WarmSunshine said…

Hey it's Mehreen from Simply Me... changed my blog and blog id.

Do visit!

Hemanth Potluri said…
beautiful acro sis...loved it.

Arv said…
A solid acro with a fantastic finish...

loved it mate...

take care... cheers...
Ria said…
lovely dear!! :)
Thousif Raza said…
you are awesome... thats all i will say.. awesome...

take care and keep writing..........
rainboy said…
I could never write this way.
fantasies of what will never be...lovely
Jogeshwar said…
el magnifico !!! loved this..
Rocky said…
I am sorry to say this but I couldn't get what you are tying to say. Can you elaborate? or explain me this piece of work?
ANWESA said…
thanks!! yes,i've visited your new place :)
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanks!!!! made me smile :)
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanks!!! i miss your poems though :)
ANWESA said…
thanks !!!
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…

This is an acrostic poem.I guess this will help you-

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