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Broken inside.

Smile conceals pain. Expectations dash. Life gets stuck.

Then comes hope.

I get up,shrug off grief. Walk into the world. Carve a niche for myself.

There is clamour for me.

My tormentor pretends to repent. Who knows if its real ?

I don’t care. Bask in my glory.

But those crushed pieces…..

Have I forgotten them ?


They are still kept safely.

Away from the world.

Only for me.

To get nostalgic…

To recall those vivid memories….

Because long ago…

I too had a heart…alive and kicking…..bubbling with emotions and feelings.


Bikram said…
WOW.. you have written beautiful.. Exactly what i am feeling or wanting.. Wish i was as clever as you are .. and write something this WORTHWHILE...

totally feel where you coming from .. EXCELLENT poem loved it .. Well done
Shilpa said…
wow lovely.. exactly my state of mind at one point of time :P
Thousif Raza said…
you know... your verse defines my current status perfectly.... beautiful as always, but this one will be always a lil special to me :)....

take care and keep writing..............
Chatterbox said…
Beautiful composition :)
Simply loved it!!

Keep up the good work :)

Nikhil Menon said…
Hugzzzzzz.. :))

Alls gonna be fine,as I said..

RiverSoul said…
you wrote in a few words what i felt all summer. . .
Thank You
Tulika said…
It aches all over reading this.

Jogeshwar said…
excellent.. this piece has excellent written all over it..

"My tormentor pretends to repent. Who knows if its real ?"
Aayushi Mehta said…
Love the emotion and the spirit.
ANWESA said…
Yes,it hurts but can't be helped. Maybe thats how life is.
ANWESA said…
Thank you !!! I'm glad that you could connect to the post.
ANWESA said…
Thank you !!
ANWESA said…

Thanks for reading!!
ANWESA said…
thank you!!!
ANWESA said…
Yes...It is.
ANWESA said…

As I said before,maybe such is life...
ANWESA said…
thanks a lot !!!!
ANWESA said…
Thank you !!!
still have that heart... problem is that it beats for someone else
ANWESA said…

reminded me of a write of mine .. here it goes

Trespassing into the corridors of my heart
you had the eternal right to scourge and shred it in parts.

Once you had left, i meticulously started building a wall
though at times the emptiness echoed like an accordion playing in a hall.

Shielded from all the pains and miseries, it now stood numb
it hardly mattered when someone quoted me as 'emotionally dumb'

But destiny had more turmoil waiting for me
the heavens up there said "there is much more for you to see"

Suddenly you showed up and asked me to knock down the wall
I feared cause i knew it could lead to my final fall.

Yet i went ahead for you were my heart's rightful owner
with a hope that things might change for me , the lachrymose loner.

How lively the small abode had started to seem
the joys spreading their radiance , my eyes had begun to gleam.

For a moment i had forgotten that i was the chosen one
sooner or later i was destined to be shunned.

And then the day finally arrived
that unfortunate moment, to avoid which i had so fiercely strived.

My angel said "it's suffocating in here"
I asked her to leave, as if i didn't care.

She misinterpreted my words and once again left my heart
I couldn't be lucky for long, i knew this right from the start.

I don't give a damn to the bitches who now roam around
this heart of mine where there is pain and gore profound.

The dreams that i had so dearly kept
flowed away with the bloody tears that i wept.

"Times will change" is an axiom so fake
this heart is burning down with every puff that i take.

The torn pieces at times remind themselves of the angel who had lived here
their throttling voices whispering "come back for we still care" ...
Anwesa said…
@the stoic,
That was "wow" ! Loved it. And man ! you rhyme too well :) Now I gotta visit your place asap !

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