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He paints me. I’m a fantasy – a chimera, yet he paints me. He believes I’m an angel. Pure. Untouched. Gentle. Unrealistically fabulous. He has not known me. Just felt me. I’m his muse. The diva. The gift of his life.

What he does not know is I’m a deception.
I can kill but not create.
 I’m a mirage.


**Its Thousif's  birthday today. Wishes for him !!


MultiMenon said…
Happy Birthday Thousif.. :)

Nice dedication anu..

Anonymous said…
it's true because now she will leave forever

i have loved you all these years but giving up now

hope you live, that's all i really hope, you live
Anonymous said…
you killed my dreamsssss
paramveer said…
such a confusing verse. do u want me to not believe in my partner?
Pooja said…

loved it...rather was intrigued by it..

Ria said…
nice one there dear!!and that cake looks yummy...happy b'day to ur friend! :)
Tulika said…
A blue flux of some free spirited souls. I created and serenaded for one while you gave the shimmering mirage notions of a painter.

Euphoria makes you a Muse.
Hence proved.
Tulika said…
And Yes,

A Very Happiee Birth Day to Thousif. :)
well written, with a more well written climax. ;)
I like your blog although its my 1st visit..
Nice carvings.....
Keep up!
Thousif Raza said…
thank you so very much for the wishes.... and those lines ohh... no words as usual

take care and keep writing...........
RENU said…
Happy birthday thousif :)
may god bless bless you !

well written post :)
Priya said…
When you are everything to someone including the air you breathe, that is endless love.
i missed so much i m gonna read them all now!

and this was an amazing piece. for a moment if felt like Tulika's style - mention of the painter, abstract reference to him and other similarities. i was wondering if this is a guest post.

beautifully penned. you are amazing as always.
ANWESA said…
it was not a dedication sweetoo! Just that both the things were bundled up :P
ANWESA said…
Move on....
ANWESA said…
it wasn't meant to understood..just felt. Its an abstract post,nothing to do with reality.
ANWESA said…


ANWESA said…

keep visiting :)
ANWESA said…


so i hope you've liked it at least :)
ANWESA said…
how true!
ANWESA said…
uncanny resemblance you can say :)
Jogeshwar said…
A wonderful piece .. liked it...:)

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