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Being jobless is a big job after all.

Ignoring deadlines, whiling away time are tough things. Especially when you know you have a career to deal with. A lean, just-recovered-from-recession market. Parents who trust you. Siblings who idolize you.

To sleep when the world works. To kill time on social networking sites. Listening to sad songs. Writing useless stuff like this.

Man ! I tell you its not easy being lazy.

(Wow!! That rhymes!! Easy….lazy…)


MultiMenon said…
So,Realization just struck you like lightning anu?? :)) U ll do wonders,I know that.. :D

paramveer said…
hey hey hey...keep urself busy here and there and search for opportunities. be optimistic!! :)
freelancer said…
welcome to the club :)
Tulika said…
I can relate to it completely.

And this so makes me realize how its been pointed at me. Shudders !!

Anyone else,Who wud offer me some company..? :O
indianhomemaker said…
I remember being most creative when there was no time to spend on creative pursuits - during exams :) When there is something bothering the mind and plenty of free time, it's difficult to stay occupied ...
Sandeep Balan said…
lazy is never easy is the mantra...i completely agree ;-)
Ria said…
he he that was cute!! :) nice phrase btw!
ANWESA said…
realization it was long back..i put it into words right now.

Thanks for your encouragement dude!!
ANWESA said…


dun tell me to do difficult things :) i'm lazy :P
ANWESA said…
:O :O
it was about me!

i'm for company :)
ANWESA said…
Bingo!!! happens to me too!!
ANWESA said…
:) like minded people we are :)
ANWESA said…
:) thanks dearie!! :)
Thousif Raza said…
you rhyme even while being lazy...

even when being susth.. you are mast...

take care and keep writing..........
ANWESA said…
i ges rhyming comes to me naturally now :)
I agree. Completely.
Neethu said…
That's scary! :O
Anonymous said…

i know you would be studying for next sem...dont lie...:P
ANWESA said…
scary ? how ??
ANWESA said…

you seem to be non-anonymous for why hide ?

n you're terribly mistaken..i lead a hard,lazy life.
ANWESA said…
*wink wink*

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