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Rummaging through the attic today

I saw odd bits and memories of you…

A few happy, a fewer unhappy moments.

Unkept promises, broken dreams lay abound.

Those silent intimate moments cherished

A brief sojourn back into bliss….

And then....

..... I chose to shut the door.


Tulika said…
Disheartening. :(
Hemanth Potluri said…
y so painful sis :(..

Ria said…
thats a sad one :(
Chocolate Lover said…
this one was really sad :(
Rahul Jain said…
fun reading....
specially d last line(I chose to shut d door)..
Pooja said…
nicely written..
Thousif Raza said…
ah... the pain.... just some simple words can cause bring abt a lot of unspoken emotions... ahh...

take care and keep writing.............
ApocalypsE said…
tat was deep...

take care
it amazes me how deftly you have created this nameless character. i love the intimacy, the accusations, the stabbing nostalgia in the poem. a very painful ending. sounded convincingly real to me. but i m glad it is fiction. take care.
sawan said…
how long wud u keep the door shut?? u have to come out. u have to life ur life. do not miss out on any moments cos u may not get it back when u need them.
The Diva- The dream said…
Hey Anwesa..nice blog you have here :)
But right now I only want to convey one thing and that is for blogger-multimenon. His blog does not allow comments with names and I dont have a google or blogger account right now so I had to write this msg here. Kindly convey this to him. Thanks :)
Multimenon, please have the guts to be original in your writings. I have seen your posts. You only copy other bloggers. You steal names, you steal the way of commenting for eg amith menon used to comment like ..luv amith
u started doing the same. The maze invented and came up with the idea of pumkin and you stole it. I have checked the dates. So its clearly a sign that you lack originality. Dont lose hope though, it'l come if you put in more effort. You use words like moi instead of me. No refined language. That's a pity my friend. No originality. I was checking other posts and I discovered that you even copied the idea of using your photo in the frame with flames from (I presume this is the site)and I have seen the dates. You used this precisely when the other more famous blogger did this.
From your posts somehow I could gather that you live in a dream land of your own and can not take criticism. I could also sense that you crave for love big time which slightly indicates that you are some what desperate for love. I also saw you comments, you address every one as di. Your choice obviously but that is unusual and childish in my opinion. Anyway I am a writer by profession but I dont blog anymore. So had no other way of communicating this to you. I hope you take this criticism constructively and try and accept the reality that you copy from others.
Take care dear. All the best. :)
PS- The diva The dream was my blog address when I used to blog. I dont know if kids here n your circle have ever read me or not.
I read you guys a lot!
Anonymous said…
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
MultiMenon said…

That was very nice to hear from you tdtd..And for someone who doesn't even have his own identity or is rather scared to put it out,to be wasting time doing this actually makes me think ur this guy who has lost all the love in this world and is prolly desperate to tarnish many others'..and ur take on me simply hasnt got any significance simply coz u are turning out to be a nobody..

and all that u've written about me and the blog means just shit coz more than u,i am sure of what I have been doing.and I dun need ur advice to live life now..and just a bit of common sense can take me to the real you..

The whole idea of u having to fake even ur identity,tells me how big a LOSER u urself should be..Coz had I been in ur place and prolly wanted to do this kind of a post mortem,I would prolly be doing this with my name on it.And not like you,u loser...

U cuda defintely mailed me which u haven done.and that tells me how much desperate u are,in craving for attention....

ANWESA said…
maybe somethings in life cannot be back...
ANWESA said…
without pain,life is listless..
ANWESA said…
funny ?? it was not meant to...
ANWESA said…
thanks for coming here...
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…

maybe that's life....
ANWESA said…
thanks...glad to know you liked it...
ANWESA said…
"the door" was the door of the attic. the past was buried and life lived. its not about shutting oneself.
ANWESA said…

sawan said…
i took it wrong!! my mistake :) now i see it the other way round, and i like it more this way :)
IcE MaiDeN said…
This is heartbreaking... Ill tell you why on chat!!! Come back on soon! :)

@Diva whoever,
Hey there! NOT that Im coming to anyone defense but I would definitely like to add my two bits here.

1. luv, amith is NOT original. It all started from luv, Cindy. Ask him about it. That out of the way and NOT being the point, it hardly
matters how we end our comments right? I always ended mine with "Cheers, Annie" and suddenly everyone was doing it, who knows maybe might have been using it even before me. Insignificant really right?

2. I have been blogging for over a year and a half now, and I have probably experimented the MOST with different ways you can style up your blog. I hardly ever keep publish it out, just experiment, but the minute I changed my template to something, there would be others who did the same. Happened a long time back, but the point is its childish and immature of anyone who would amount that to copying. Because seriously people, PYZAM was going to be discovered SOMEDAY for heavens sake! :| And besides, I dont know how attached you were to your blog, but I think every serious blogger is attached to his/hers and WANTS to make it look better. Again, insignificant, but if you want to amount that to something as serious as 'copying' your choice.

3. About "No refined language", see bloggers arent English masters. Atleast not all of them. Neither are they writers who NEED to have a 'refined language'. I have always stressed everywhere this issue has come up that MY blog is MY space. And hell, I will write in whatever way I want. Agreed when you write something like fiction on your blog, you could do with a more sophisticated language of sorts, and as far as I know Nikhil doesnt write fiction.

4. If at all you are a writer, you should know that every writer lives in a dreamworld. Its really sad if you as a writer dont live in one. The last comment you made was totally uncalled for. Because here, you arent trying to guide him about blogging, rather accusing him of more private stuff. Which is why I gather you arent who you say you are at all. Im sorry to say, but it is you who is childish and immature, because if at all you were have been a professional AND had his best interests at heart you would have had better sense than to appear anonymous, and accuse someone on a public forum. I have to agree that this seems like your bid for attention. Grow up.

And that is all,

ANWESA said…

Its perfectly okay! I appreciate that you read me so intently.
ANWESA said…
me waiting for it..
ANWESA said…
@The diva-The dream,
I certainly did not like the way you used my comment box. I allow anonymous comments but its certainly not for your convinience.
Will you please stop "messaging" people like this ?

sawan said…
i like literature. i love to analyse human mind. i love expressions. i find it all here. so basically i am being selfish when i read u. :)
Jogeshwar said…
i liked your lines in this.. i love how you end your compsitions.. good going girl.
ANWESA said…
thanks a lot bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats so so...encouraging!!!

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