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Hello people!!!! It has been a real long time when I talked on my blog. Poetry, Anwe-ism and stuff kept it occupied. In the last 6 months or so,the comments on my blog too have dwindled. No worry, I’m not a regular attention seeking,comment-hungry blogger. But then I really need to work on my blog-promoting skills.

Phew!! For those who are still reading, let me tell you people, I’m a college student. Most of my blog-mates think me of me as a “serious” kinda person. This post is meant for them- to enjoy,savour every bit of my “humour”,that is,if I’ve any. So let me tell you about the Princesses I know. They are 6 in number and are my classmates. Obviously, I’m the seventh one (feeling very self-important now). Lets meet them one by one.


*Miss Studious.

*I had a cat-fight with her recently but then we patched up pretty soon.

* unaware of current affairs but can solve any damn equation in a jiffy

* rarely talks of anything else other than academics

*She's the biggest Emraan Hashmi fan I know.

* I enjoy making a fool out of her


*Miss Studious again
  • Had some very minor clashes with her in first year
  • Now,she’s very close friend,confidant and quiz partner
  • Can get enraged if one meddles with her…so better keep away :P
  • Aims to make it real high in life


*Miss Beautiful
* Heart-throb of many
* she boasts of the largest number of “crushers” ( I’ve got proof and evidence as well)
* Ironically, she’s all set to take GATE this year, which falls on February 14th….. Wishing her luck


*Miss Lovely
* My favourite too
* sweet,innocent, sober,naïve
* hopes to earn a small lil’ place for herself in the big corporate world….wish her tonnes of luck….

* Miss Cute
*she too is sweet, simple kind of person.
  • has a latest Bollywood flick to her credit ( Hold on guys!! Priyanka Chopra has her name in a latest movie- yet to be released)
  • She’ll make it real big one day,trust me.
*Miss go-getter
* she’s the ultimate achiever
* she dreams and fulfills them..
* again, a simpleton,just like me….
* wishing her a wonderful life…..

To my Princesses,
Gals, I know we aren’t the “inseparable” types of friends. Maybe we’ll never see each other after college. But then you people add colour to my campus life. All of you are the oasis of my “deserted college life”. :P No offence meant to anybody :D
If you happen to read this post anyday,do drop in a comment. That will make me happy.

To my classmates who read this blog,
Do drop in a comment sometime guys! That’ll add to my joy.. Happy holidays till 13th!!!
UPDATE: All the seven of us play Dumb Charades and other useless games during boring classes even when we occupy the first and second benches.


Ria said…
happy holidays dear!! :) and i know u r a college student.
Hemanth Potluri said…
that was awesome sis..i just loved the way u described ur friends errr sorry the princess :)....each and every princess is unique and as u grp u must have had rocked it :)....i am so happy to read abt the friends and stuff u gals have been doing :)...

happy holidays sis ..enjoy it the most...take care loads of love :)..

sucheta said…
hey!!u did a wonderful job...ur princess frns will surely appreciate it..i wish i cud b d 8th princess:)
sucheta said…
really missing u all frns
sawan said…
tats ur colg? luks like a corporate building or a univ!
Thousif Raza said…
first of alll congrats on the holz... have tons of fun, and spend every monet having fun

second to the pricesses... hmmm nice bunch you have there.... ;)

wish you alll the luck of the world, and may your guys friendship remain like this 4 ever :)

and thank you soooooooooooo much for reading the story even though you had xams... hope that story helped you to write ur xams better :P

take care and keep writing...........
IcE MaiDeN said…
Awwwwwwwww... :)
very sweet!

MultiMenon said…
wooww.. :) This was a nice change from the convention.. :)

Loved the desc.. say my special hello to all of them (esp 3 and 4.. :P ) .. ;) but noone beats u in humour.. :D

Dhanya said…
This was cute re :) Your princesses would have enjoyed it even more I'm sure! :D
Jogeshwar said…
I loved this post.. I think the Miss Cute you are talking about is called Alisha. Isn't she ?

Loved the way you described every one of them. I think I am going to take a cue from this and write a post about my best friends.

And yes, first bencher ha. I used to be one, till MSC, but the last year, I just had to shift to the last bench, its more fun to learn that way, and more interesting too. HEE HEE. You need not agree to this tenet of mine. "Being a last bencher is good" wink wink
ANWESA said…
*smiles* yeah!!!
ANWESA said…

**and i know u r a college student.
lolz!! :P :P
ANWESA said…
yeah,its fun to write about friends :)
ANWESA said…
ur d 8th princess dear!!!! my kanjoos aftr all :P :D me misses u too baby :( but then we can't help,can we ? but we r in the same college,dats fun,isnt it ?
ANWESA said…
yeah,its my college. it is a deemed university after all :D
ANWESA said…
thanks a lot for your wishes...

hope your blogging journey goes on and on....
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
hmmm...another such post is up already :D yeah,princess 3 toh has got everyone head upon heels and princess 4 is such a darling.ll wish them for u ....

**but noone beats u in humour.. :D
thanks!! (i knew it) :P :P
ANWESA said…
yup,i'm getting good reports as of now :D
ANWESA said…
yeah,she's called A-L-I-S-H-A.

waiting for your post.

no,i agree on this thing that last benches are fun. true.
Pooja said…
I guess I got some of dem correct.. :)

I wish I hadnt changed branch otherwise I wud've found myself a place here.. :(
ANWESA said…
:) do lemme know whoz who on FB :D

**I wish I hadnt changed branch otherwise I wud've found myself a place here.. :(

all the branch-changing princesses will be covered in another post :D cheer up now!!! I guess that post will be up when we'll be leaving college(with jobs hopefully!)

lotsa love :)
Really fantastic.But it's unfortunate that you did not include boys.You could have written hobbies and funny things about your friends(boys)which would have been more interesting.Anyways keep publishing this type of posts which reflect your current activities in college or beyond it.They will be definitely more appreciative.
ANWESA said…
@the tech savvy,
well,i guess i'm not too familiar with the guys in class. i know quite a lot about these 6 people and so I wrote about them,albeit in a humourous way.

But don't get disheartened,I guess I'll write many more such posts in times to come. Ho sakta hey aap logon ka bhi number aa jaaye....Till then, keep smiling :)
asha said…
thanks for including us in your world of princess galore............we really admire the way you are................loads of love.................
ANWESA said…
thank you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we rock :D

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