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Funny and whacky. Yet sweet. Read further and you’ll know......

Year 2002:

A kid called T.

Age : about 3 years

He sees his parents’ wedding album and remarks ,” Oh my my!!! This is my Papa. Who is he getting married to ?”

His mother gets red in the face.

He got upset that no one invited him for the wedding .

@Abhishek Sim : T is the Fa guy. Remember ? Sniff…and Fa.

Year 1991 :

Name : P

A young man of about 25 years

Marital status : Single (Not even engaged or seeing anyone)

Was caught riding a scooter during curfew in the city. Returning from the grocery. Police constables stop him. make moves to get him arrested. Breaking curfew is a crime, isn’t it ?

P makes the most miserable face ever and blurts out “ My wife has just delivered a baby. I need to cook for her. Let me go” ,pointing towards his shopping bag.

The policeman lets him off.


P.S. : P is happily married now with a wife and two kids.

P.P.S : Those who haven't met my Princesses should go to the previous post. Fun promised.


Kaya said…
I liked the second one more! :D Nice :)

Check out my new post !

Take care !
MultiMenon said…
P is a rockstar. nice view on life after wedlock.. :D

Thousif Raza said…
abt the not visiting my parents wedding , i too had asked the same thing with my mom... i had said... "see sis mom and dad married without us, how mean of them na? :P"

Well he was smart and the police was not... so a win win haan :)

like the new phase of your blogging :)

take care and keep writing..............
Priya Joyce said…
jiss parivaar mei aap jaise ajeeb creatures ho..then this is no surprise gal :P:D


loved it ;)
Anwesa said…
second one as in Princess or Family ?

Ur new blog is beautiful!!
Anwesa said…
Curfew in Cuttack :P :P
Anwesa said…
ll convey it to him :P
Anwesa said…
**abt the not visiting my parents wedding , i too had asked the same thing with my mom... i had said... "see sis mom and dad married without us, how mean of them na? :P"

great you are!!!!! waah!!! kudos to your intelligence! :P

Its not a new phase actually,Anwe-ism will be back soon....
Anwesa said…
@lil' priya,
haan,mere toh genes main hi crazy-pann hey.

glad u loved it :D
Chatterbox said…
Fantastic :)

Loved them both. The second story showed it well how we can accomplish anything in life just with a pinch of presence of mind.

Keep up the good work.

Jogeshwar said…
Loved P.. Loved the kid as well.. A really humorous post.. well done..
Tulika said…

I can relate to T :D
We had same queries I guess. :P

n Yes, Good job P..!! B-)
Hemanth Potluri said…
nicely written sis :).

ANWESA said…
hmm..point noted!! dint think that ways...thanks for telling me that..
ANWESA said…
**We had same queries I guess. :P

as far as I'm concerned,I didn't have such queries.(I guess I was born sensible :P).
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
:) lol :)
Tulika said…
@ Anwesa di:


Well, I am one of those who were "Born Confused" and are still confused(bt not on the invite issue anymore :D).
LOLLL!!!! Too good. Nothing beats the inside family jokes!

tell me if I am right: Are you one of Mr. P's kids?
ANWESA said…
:) exactly!!

No,I'm not one of Mr.P's kids. :P

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