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There are no conditions attached to true love.


Rahul Jain said…
anwesha answer just one question:
Define true love??
MultiMenon said…
depends on what is true love to you?? :)

Hemanth Potluri said…
Depends on how we take thexmeaning of true love but nicely written sis ...

Randeep said…
love?? wots it? ;)

Tulika said…
How true !

I completely agree to it. :)

And yes, "You" might be listening. :D
Priya Joyce said…
yet again I can just nod :)
Anonymous said…
seconded thirded etc :)
agreed wholeheartedly!
very good tenet!
Harshita said…
Yes. That's why we call it Unconditional love may be.
paramveer said…
no comitments, no demands!!!!
Dhanya said…
Unconditional love... yup, in this selfish world such love can only kill you in the end I guess... :|
Thousif Raza said…
you are so very true when you say that mehek, just like ranbir says in apgk

"No conditions, no demands"

take care and keep writing............
Ria said…
hmm...true, but being human means having conditions. :P
Gagan said…
Didnt know what else to wrie....except for ":)"! :D
joie de vivre said…
condition applied ka star laga hota hai likha nai hota ;)
Aneesh said…
Mmmm? Well so it seems. Love just happens, there might be underlying unknown conditions
ANWESA said…
can't put it in words. its beyond everything.
ANWESA said…
true love according to me...well,i think it has universal meaning. it isnt tailor-made..
ANWESA said…
okay..i ges u can always respect love in different ways of course..
ANWESA said…


its a new brand of soft-drink :P
ANWESA said…

@ "you",
i hope tuli s right...
ANWESA said…
yup dear!!!
ANWESA said…
yup...can be..true love~no xpectations ...
ANWESA said…
nopes dear!!! it might hurt but never kills...
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
at times,divinity dawns into humans...
ANWESA said…

hows life goin dude?
ANWESA said…
accha? kabhi kabhi star mitt jata hey...
ANWESA said…
who can tell it better than you ? after all,you've a taste of love,right? :P

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