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Its the same sea...the same sands...and the same skies.
Years ago,you took my hand onto yours and we dreamt of the moon.
We started together, enjoying the journey, heading to the ultimate destination of happiness. Joys and sorrows played hide-and-seek.
But dear !
Today let us re-live that night of love.


Jogeshwar said…
Very nice. The way you express things is beautiful
Hemanth Potluri said…
beauty of words with anwesa....i just loved the emotions expressed in the lines sis :) of ur beautiful write up :) lovin it :)..

Leo said…
how lovely.. very expressive!! :)
VickY said…
so romantic.
living your dreams..what a feeling that would be.

MultiMenon said…
who is YOU?? :O :O

AJai said…
i can only imagine what happened in the night after he read that! ;)
Thousif Raza said…
so romantic, so touching, sooooo goooood, really nice

and waise bhi where r u? dint see you at my blog? busy ho kya?, time banao na thoda yaar :), hope to c ya there soon :)

take care and keep writing..........
Ria said…
loved the poem...short and sweet. :)
lena said…
Very touching, simple and sweet... Loved it :)
Beautiful written.
Let the moon shine.
ANWESA said…
means a lot,coming from you....
ANWESA said…
thanks a lot bro !!!!!
ANWESA said…
thank you!!!
ANWESA said…
thank you!!!!!
ANWESA said…
thanks baby!!!
ANWESA said…
yeah,it would be heavenly....
ANWESA said…
"You" -- A flight of fantasy yet to dawn in reality....

Very near yet too far....

A fact but stranger than fiction.


Hope you have been answered satisfactorily.
ANWESA said…
go ahead,paint your imagination !!!
ANWESA said…
thanks for coming !!! I guess I've visited your latest post.

I mean to catch you ol sumtym soon :)
ANWESA said…
@Ria, wasnt a poem...but then prosaic poetry sounds great :)

lotsa love n warm wishes...
ANWESA said…
thanks dear!!!!
ANWESA said…

yeah,let the moon shine.....
Tulika said…

If a reader can relate to a creation .. the creator conquers all.

Thank You Anwesa di for all your encouragement. It is such a morale booster.

Thanks a lottt !!!
ANWESA said…
welcome baby!!!!

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