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This post heralds the beginning of a new phase of my blogging career.
I feel a new philosophy called Anwe-ism.
It essentially encompasses of the lessons I've learnt from my life until now.
Strongly inspired by Mayzism.
Awaiting the moment when Anwe-ism will set foot on this blog.


Surya said…
Never there happened a Philosophy, entitled a credit of Universal acceptance!

The Philosophy of a devotee is devotion, Philosophy of a politician is politics.. simple truths, known to all...

But a philosophy can be called as a Philisophy, once you can see all the elses as they are, through the same!

Sitting at the banks, looking at the waves of the ocean, if you can see the unreached depths of the ocean beyond the manifested waves, then that type of vision do have a philosophy....

Subjective facts wont be a supporting pillar for the objective constructions of reality!

Those can be refered as optical illusions....

Swimming with outlooks, never will gain for the gifted people like you, instead transcend the outlooks and be with a vision, which I know you are aware of and attained!

Be great always with a Philosophy, where we should hear the cry, out of the hunger from the nothingness of the needy!

Thank you...
MultiMenon said…
Great great!! so am I looking forward anwesa.. :D Just when Multi-ism was coming up,you have come up with ur own brand.. :D

Blessings!! ;) Take care gal.. :)

Priya Joyce said…
Chand ko ki copy kar raha hei :P

I mean mayank ko lol

well lets see wat comes up :P
Arv said…
another -ism on the way...

he hee..

all the best :)

take care... cheers...
Harshita said…
Chalo yeh bhi mast hain :)

Naya naya kuch aur bhi milega ab... eager to hear all abt Anwesim ;)
Tara said…
Waiting to be bowled over by Anwe-ism! :) Bring it on! :D
Waiting to see about anwe-ism.

Ria said…
oh wow!!will wait for tht phase to start. :)
ANWESA said…
i luvd ur response...hope u'll like my coming posts...
ANWESA said…
ooooooo...m xcited 2 see multi-ism
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d wishes...
ANWESA said…
me too waiting for your response to it...
ANWESA said…
:) it'll come soon..
ANWESA said…

wait n watch :)
ANWESA said…
me too :)
The Rat... said…
ah!!!! waiting with fingers crossed... enlighten us with ur high anwes-ism , dear
ANWESA said…
@the rat,
:) :)

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