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Continued from previous post….
It was the most uncomfortable moment of my life then. He took things in stride by mumbling a hello. I responded feebly. The rest of the evening I was forced to stay near him. I never ever thought in the wildest of my dreams that Anita could be Tushar’s sister. I couldn’t even feign work and leave early. Raj and the other patients would certainly find that strange. I had seen Tushar with Anita together. Tushar never told he had a family. Perhaps not even to Di. Raj took me out of my reverie and I was relieved to leave the place.

Anita often came to meet Raj to the foundation hospital. She seemed to be a balanced person. I often wondered if she would ever talk about Tushar – the man I hated the most. It was sooner than I expected. Anita and Raj had joined me for lunch in my cabin. Anita casually told about her past, her brother, her meeting with Raj and the things that followed. She had lost her mother in childhood. Her father remarried but practically she grew up on her own. Tushar came to India to join his grandparents. Anita stayed back with her father. She had taken to drugs at a young age. Tushar shifted to Philadelphia in the meantime. Then she narrated how Tushar took her out of those dangerous times and finally she was able to lead a normal life. “He’s such a sweetheart. His girlfriend had called him one day. I was undergoing a major psychotherapy session then. He talked for a minute and then came to help in my sessions. Later I knew that it was her last call. She was dying when she called. He never shows but I know he’s quite …quite depressed.” I was numb after her last lines. I wish I had known how to react.
Raj and Anita had called me for dinner. Tushar was invited too. I reached quite late and I guess I was too worked up. Tushar opened the door and I could see a momentary glimmer in his eyes. He seemed to say,"You look just like her !" When I rose to go home, my sturdy vehicle refused to budge. Melodrama at its best ! Tushar rode me home. I badly wanted to ask him ‘the’ question. He was silent all the way. When he dropped me, I asked him, rudely I guess, "What had she told you ?” He was taken aback and sped back. A plethora of emotions puzzled me- anger, pity, sorrow and curiosity. Two days later a letter cleared it all. It was from Tushar. My questions were answered. My seven year hatred for Tushar vanished in a few minutes. I began to respect him. All I wanted on earth was his forgiveness. I did not lose a second and in an hour I was standing in front of him. Teary eyed. No words were exchanged. We both ended up crying. Perhaps from then on began a new era- of hope, faith, friendship and perhaps love. Di’s last words were,"Now she is your responsibility.” The “she” was me.

Tushar often told me ," Shweta changed my life. I was materialistic and arrogant . Whenever I saw her with you, I was always reminded of Anita. Her words strengthened my resolve to help Anita out of the mess she was in. And she was so worried about you. All the time.” I’m still clueless about how I married Tushar. And now an angel would bless our lives.

To be continued…..


Phoenix said…

Phoenix said…
AD said…
i had to read both to get here and henec here i am :D

truly a magnificent world out here you ve laid out!
cant wait for the to be contd :)
Mayz said…
i read d whole thing...thrice...all 4 parts...yet to settle in...

anwesa without doubt this is d best fiction i've read on blogsville so far...

plz plz plz start writin professionally
amazing modern touch.. the subtle hints of romanticism, sensuousness made it a thrilling read. i loved the line - "anger, pity, sorrow and curiosity." i couldn't help smiling as the lines tickled me.

i wouldn't say a word more but -
*bows in admiration*
Arv said…
you are weaving a nice story here :)

hope you have plans to pen a book...

awaiting next part...

take care mate.. cheers...
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!i'm glad u liked it...
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!i'll try 2 post d next part soon..
hmm what can i say, i hate to wait for the next part though ;),

i felt the 'druggie thing' was over dramatic,(Dont hate me)


it had a beautiful meaning when i read the story further, ;)

you gotta start write professionally yaar totally, you can make one hell of a name and a tankfull of money ;)

keep going girl....

take care and keep writing........
яノςんム said…
i am glad tht i read the whole narration (uptil now) in one go..

OMG!! i dint know u write this b'ful fiction..
I guess this is the first time i am reading one of your fictions.. but it s juz brilliant and
i am so touched..

want more!!
ANWESA said…
omg!!!this reply made my day...
i wish i cud write professionally sum de...
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
thanx a lot!!
n guess wat-d lines u liked were very spontaneous-i dint re-think on dem..n perhaps dat formed d connection..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!!i'm seriously considering to write a book aftr reading these lovely comments.
ANWESA said…
@thousif raza m b,
i cudnt think of anything else dat cud b so important :(
thanx 4 reading!!!i'm overwhelmed at d responses...
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot dear!!!i luvd ur reply.
hope u'll like d next parts too...
Priya Joyce said…
wah wah kya likha hei...

and was tushar woooo

jaldi khatam karo :P
Well i guessed it right that it was tushaar....

But i didn't knew that lead's guy is tushaar himself....:(

Now she is pregnant,is she..?

What is it in next part now..?

Chriz said…
i dont like waiting...

i split up with my ex-girl because she always said "to be continued" everytime...
Chriz said…
btw lovely connections you are making out there
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
thanx 4 reading!tere idea se hi toh maine likha khatam karne ki itni jaldi kyun he tujhe?
ANWESA said…
yes,she is...
:) well,u'll hav 2 wait 4 d next part 2 see wat it has...
ANWESA said…
*i split up with my ex-girl because she always said "to be continued" everytime...

lol...what did she want to continue ? anyways,i luv 2 keep my readers waiting.

*btw lovely connections you are making out there

Diya said…
Your writing is just running wild...! Gotcha :P Awesome. :)
Cheers. :)
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!glad u liked it..

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