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Continued from previous post…
Seven years. Seven years of work, sorrow and struggle had tested Shweta Foundation. Shweta Foundation was a non-profit body working for the cause “Life with Dignity”. Every human being is entitled to die with respect. We helped the victims of natural calamities, accidents, people surviving with incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS to live cheerfully till their last breath. I had left my plum job seven years ago and started this organization. I knew it would never provide me with a luxurious lifestyle but nevertheless I knew I was doing some meaningful work. At times I would have no money to make both ends meet but something miraculous would happen then. That strengthened my resolve further. We had people of all age groups. They knew they had a short time to live but their courage and cheer inspired me. They taught me lessons for life.

My mother died of heart attack a few months after Di’s death. Dad moved in with me but he too died in his sleep two years ago. Then I sold my ancestral home. It brought in some money to keep the foundation running. I was alone now. I was a stone now. No sorrow could break me now. I was already broken within. Tushar had called several times after Di’s funeral. I never took his call. He called me from different numbers but I never said a word more than “Hello”. Eventually he stopped calling. I had seen him a couple of times with a girl in public places. He was a closed chapter now.

We had a clinical section which catered to the need of people requiring constant medical attention. There were dormitories too. Many doctors, psychotherapists worked for the foundation. One of them was Dr. Rajendra aka Raj. He was literally the “clown”. All patients gelled well with him - cutting across age barriers. Raj was a humorist and at the same time his skilled acumen helped us many a times. He addressed me as ‘Boss’ (which nobody else did) and sometimes made me forget my troubles. Things were getting better. One incident which occurred every month surprised me. Pleasant surprise. An anonymous donor used to leave about 30000 INR in the foundation’s account. It had been happening since the inception of Shweta Foundation. The amount saved us many a times. We were not that stable financially and it proved to be a good help.

It was a bright sunny morning. Raj called me and said ,”Boss, I need two days leave. Its my wedding.” I barely mumbled to say “Okay. But an extension is impossible.” Pat came the reply ," Don’t worry boss ! I’ll be back.” A frenzy of activity took place in dormitories and clinical section for quite sometime. Those who could go were indecisive on what to wear and the others were equally cheerful. The next evening, the entire foundation was prim and proper- to attend Raj’s wedding reception. I was attending a social gathering for the first time after Di’s death. We reached the venue well in time. Raj introduced his wife to me, ”New Boss, she’s my boss at work. I’m so lucky to work for such beautiful ladies.” At that moment I realized that I had seen Anita ,Raj’s wife somewhere before. Raj summoned someone with a loud voice,” Bhai ! come here.”
He came and stood just behind me. Raj continued ,”Bhai, she’s my boss. Boss, he’s my brother-in-law, Anita’s brother.” I stood rooted, my face lost its colour and I lost words. The man in front of me seemed to be in a stupor.

To be continued…..


thickening story. it's hazy. n i m trying to see through. can't wait. next part soon please.

loved this one.

yeah! me first!
Phoenix said…
wooohoooo really well written and thus the plot thickens... oye dont be lazy write soon... im desperate to read the second part... :)
Ria said…
hmm...thats a bit hazy i guess...very well written and shall wait for the next part..which shud hopefully answer my questions. :)
Diya said…
I could just get what you wanted to convey, great work I must say. :)
Cheers. :)
Hmmmm...madam aap to bas twist pe twist de rahi ho...

Good fact i liked the lead's ignoring tushar...

I am sure the brother-in-law is tushar. Dont tell me he is not....:P

a correction.....we dont call brother-in-law as bhai right..? plz look into it..

How many parts left..?

Thanks for considering my suggestion...

See you around miss!

The Pink Orchid said…
the end of this part was stunning! bring in the next part..
Arv said…
more twists :)

this is getting to be a real good read...

wondering what happens next.... :)
Its just getting better and better, god i am trying my hand at novel writing and i am nowhere near you,

its truly beautiful anwesa, i really got now rods to describe how good you are @ writing, truly awesome

take care and keep writing...
Priya Joyce said…
I bet it's tushar...
the story is takin a great turn :)
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
ANWESA said…
thank God u liked it!!i had to rake my brains to write this part..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!i hope so..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
:) i hope u liked dis part.all ur questions,hopefully, wud b answered in d next part.
in my place,boys call their der brothers-in-law as "bhai".
ANWESA said…
@the pink orchid,
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!!!i hope i bring out a better next part..
ANWESA said…
@thousif raza m b,
ur words hav ncouraged me a lot since a few days.all d best 4 ur novel writing journey!!!hope 1 de u'll b at d pinnacle..i'll try 2 write still better next tym..
ANWESA said…
i write d story in parts everyday.
so i really dunno how many parts r left...
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
i just hope u njoy further parts too..
Thank you for the wishes yaar, But you are simply awesome, i know how hard it to write, cause i too raked my brains when i wrote that acrostic ;)

take care and keep writing....
ANWESA said…
@Thousif Raza M B,
thanx again!!! :)
Rocky said…
your blog...
it proves me world is so small...
"it has shrunk" as you would say it.
ANWESA said…
thanx!!!yeah "it has shrunk" :)

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