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Continued from previous post…..

It was a bit awkward but my constant chatter made it lively as well. Shweta Di ,Tushar and me –the three of us had a good time that night. Later Di was to tell me it was ‘their’ first date.

Shweta Di was my sister, mentor, friend-all rolled into one. Dad was posted in the Gulf nations since many years. We sisters were put into boarding school when I was nine and Mom joined dad thereafter. So I always ran to my sister to solve my problems. She was clear-headed, lovable and a perfect human being. I was rebel. I always knew I have someone to fall upon. But nevertheless I always tried to be like her. Its another matter that I never suceeded.At least then.

Tushar and Di were colleagues. According to Di, Tushar was a fierce professional. Reserved, razor sharp intellect, the one who remained aloof most of the time. Di herself was a plaid and simple looking girl next door. She was not as stiff as Tushar. When I asked her why had she tagged me along, she replied,” I was surprised when he asked me out. He’s a nice guy but I was nervous about meeting him alone.” “You and nervous about meeting a guy ! Gimme a break !”, I had said. After that it became a routine every weekend for three of us to be together. I had just joined work and those outings really refreshed me. Tushar was not a bit like what Di had described . He was adventurous and go-getter; jovial and humourous. In fact we always cracked jokes and Di would simply stare at us in amazement. A few months flew by. I grew busier. Di and Tushar often went for long walks.

One evening I was told ," We are seeing each other.” I knew it and hit the hammer in the nail. They were madly happy when I presented them both two rings. It was my first gift to both of them. Needless to say I was on cloud nine. There was a hitch though. Tushar had an onsite training for eight months in Philadelphia. They could pursue further proceedings (read:wedding) after that period only.Both would inform their families in the meantime. It was fine, I said. Tushar left after a few days. I did my best to keep Di cheerful. In fact both of them were constantly in touch. “The world has shrunk”, I would remark.

Mom and Dad were finally returning to India. Di was flying back after her two-week business trip from Delhi. I was to receive my parents at the airport. Now they would stay in our ancestral home- it was renovated well in time, thanks to the brilliant supervision of my Di. Just as I smiled to myself, I received a call from Shweta Di. She was breathing heavily.”Perhaps its time to say goodbye………..” I shook to the core. What was I hearing ? Another voice boomed in,”Hello, she is serious.” I was unusually calm and asked for the details. In a matter of seconds, we headed to Bareilly.
Di’s plane had a mid-air collision. By the time I reached, there was nothing to do. I undertook the ordeal to identify the body and complete “essential” formalities. I had lost my source of life.
My parents arrived later that day.

I couldn’t even cry. I tried to call Tushar before the funeral but all I heard was,"Please leave a message. I’ll call you later." I was terribly angry, vowed never to talk to him again. In the gloom of despair ,sometimes you do things that you are not supposed to. And I fell into the same trap.

To be continued….


Lena said…
i was relieved to fins it under fiction label.. tell me it really is fiction..

you brought emotions to life here.. very powerful writing :)

The Colors Magazine
The Pink Orchid said…
very gripping till the end!!
Priya Joyce said…
ahhhhhh!! damn touching.....
Hemanth Potluri said…
beautifully written sis...both the parts are awesome...i was so nervous while reading it...i am waiting for the next part :)..

Ria said…
Tht was so touching. now for the next part.
Harshita said…

I read both the parts and I am so eager to knw what wil happen next...

This story is so real and a lot abt emotions and relationships...something i really love.
joiedevivre said…
oye wait i'l come back after reading part 1
Chriz said…
this is prolonging than i thought.. finish it buddy.. i like reading the whole thing at one stretch.. this waiting thingie is new.. and i guess i gotta wait..
Tara said…
Something tells me...this girl's husband would be Tushar. Waiting for the next part. :) Till now, I think it's going fine, :) I love people who write good fiction because I know I am not too good at it! :)
Arnab Majumdar said…
Waiting for the next part... bring it up, quick!!
ANWESA said…
yes dear,its totally fictitious.
thanx 4 ur ncouragement...
ANWESA said…
@pink orchid,
thanx dear!!
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot!!!gr8 2 see u bac..
hopefully d next part ll b out soon..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!i hope u'll like d series too..
ANWESA said…
i'm waiting....
ANWESA said…
i wish i cud finish at 1 go but der s a strange sweet feeling wen u wait..njoy dat meanwhile..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 all ur praises..n i think u'v sharp intuition...wich can make u a gud fiction-writer :)
thanx 4 reading dear!!!
ANWESA said…
trying to...thanx 4 reading!
Arv said…
hope its jus fiction and am more anxious now for the next part...

take care.. cheers...
very intense. i loved this part.

sorry i m late.
Diya said…
Is this really fictious? I remembered my di, and mine is real, I lost her indeed.
Hmmmm you didnt name your guy...plz name him.....already tushar is in air...

Kitne parts hai..?

How come your di is gonna come back..?
I can't believe one can write such a lively piece ...for a moment I thought it all real.....

waiting for the next part
Cinderella. said…
Wow !!

Girl, you sure know how to keep the attention stitched till your last word !!

And this 'to be contd' thingie is makin it difficult. Bring on the nxt one sooner, wouldja ?
ANWESA said…
yes,its total fiction...i hope d next part is out soon..
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
thanx 4 reading!!its alwez better 2 b late dan nvr...
ANWESA said…
its fiction dear.i'm sorry abt ur di...plz xcuse me if i'v hurt u...
i'm sorry dear..
ANWESA said…
well,sumthings shud b under wraps 4sum tym.i donno how many parts coz i rite each de..its my blog-anniversary special n i dun want to curtail d length.
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot!!!i hope d next part s out soon..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!i'll try 2 bring out d nxt part soon..
anwesa, what was that?? i mean emotions came to life and i know how death feels like, cause i have experianced it in my life,

but that, i mean ohh god, its strong real strong, it felt like i was hit by a train or something

i loved this part, you are a real good writer, i mean awesomely good, great writing yaar, i am even more desperate to read the next part...

take care and keep writing....
ANWESA said…
@thousif raza M B,
i was glad to read ur reply.i feel ncouraged to write more like this.
it took me quite some imagination to write the third part n i hope u'll like it too.thanx again!!
Rocky said…
For the first time ever, I was able to guess a little part of your fiction. Very neatly written.
brings me memories of someone I was so close with.
ANWESA said…
@rocky, i got predictable here..its nice in a way.thanx 4 reading!!!
Rocky said…
Yes, only a little part again.
From your previous posts on such topics, I could guess a few parts of the story. Connections/accidents etc that happen in your posts, they became predictable...

this is just for your feedback so that the next time you would do better than this.
ANWESA said…
sure enough!!i appreciate ur feedback.trying my best to improve.

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