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Phoenix tagged me again.

RULES: Write 10 cute things about yourself.

# I love chocolates.

# My favourite colour is baby pink.

# I miss my sister a lot whenever we are not together.

# I remember all my childhood antics and replay them whenever possible.

# I greet my father with the words “ Hi !Papa” when he returns from work.

# I’m very happy when I’m online.

# I sleep like a baby, my mom says so.

# I like messing with things-at home,class, everywhere.

# I like playing with big, round balloons.

# I mimic my lisping cousins.
Any cutie-pie, apple of every eye can take up this tag. Have fun!


joiedevivre said…
ding ding ding ding
mein first..kya koi mujhe cutie pie keh raha hai?? :P

tum badi sweett baachi lagti ho yeh tag padne ke baad
peter said…
he he nice sweet innocent post :D

@ neha
bas kar be ..khud ki taarif :O
yamini meduri said…
simple yet a cute Tag......congos..!!!
ANWESA said…
yo,ur d 1st cutie pie..thanx re..
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!!!!
Tara said…
Awww! A real cutie pie there! :) Sweet bilkul aapki tarah! :D
ANWESA said…
ji..waiting 4 d cutie pie to take this up...
Tara said…
*Ahem* Who is the cutie pie you are referring to? *cough cough*
ANWESA said…
u of course!!!!!
sawan said…
cutieeeee :P
u like messing things :P lol, ur mom wud be having a wonderful time with ya around :P
Phoenix said…
aww lee.. this is one helluva cutie pie post....all the 10 pointers and more.. makes you a cute person.. no wonder you are my bind.. :)

ANWESA said…
ya,wonderful tym wid me..she says-
who made u a gal?
ANWESA said…
yeah dear!!all gr8 ppl r alike...
joiedevivre said…
@ pinku
abey teri kyu jal rai hai.. :P hehe
aacha koi peter urf pinku ko bhi cutie pie bol do yaar
sawan said…
lol @ her qns :)
mayz said…
hello cutie pie :)
Anonymous said…
You 'shore are wunnerful baby'. (If you have read Famous Fives by Enid Blyton you will understand what I mean)...
Hey, you are one of the cutest, sweetest and loveliest persons to have around on this blogworld!
ANWESA said…
bol dia...
ANWESA said…
no comments..anything more would be offensive..hey,just kidding!!!
ANWESA said…
hello...u wished me,rite?
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!!! but i'v not read enid blyton ever :(
Jinxed Pixie said…
mimic lisping cousins??

mean mean girl..

well, ok, i do that sometimes too...

but not cousins...other people...

so, i am actually better..


i like chocolates too...
i miss my sister too, i admit, when she's not around...
i am obnoxiously happy when i am online..
i sleep like a horse - standing..
ANWESA said…
@jinxed pixie,
hmm..gud 2 kno dat u mimic uder ppl too..gr8 2 see u here..
sawan said…
:)m sure u cud definitely do something to save urself from the qns.. its eitr u not trying or she dsnt want u to try :P

u take care yaar.. njoi ur days and be urself :)
Tara said…
Thank you so much for that sweet comment in Richa's space yaar! Made me smile! (just like all your comments do) :)
ANWESA said…
hmm..i shud try seriously....
ANWESA said…
welcome babe!!!!
Vani said…
Very nicely done.

# I sleep like a baby, my mom says so.
Liked it :)
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!

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