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Reunions are always special,be it of persons or ideas.It’s a new beginning and reliving the pledges one took in the past. It’s a special time of the year and it was our school reunion today.
The 2004 ICSE batch of Montfort’s.Well,it was the first reunion we ever had after graduating from the school.A gap of nearly five years.

I traveled 80 kms by road to make it there.It was wonderful to re-live those school moments,cherished and entombed in the heart of every student. Those who couldn’t make it called up and we talked. It was more than a party-I was in my alma mater after 5 long years.Not much has changed except one thing. The saplings that we had planted have transformed into lush trees,standing in exuberance and style-seeming to tell us-See we’ve grown up,you are getting older. There was a friendly atmosphere and we all turned kids for sometime. So many of us used to quarrel over petty issues and over time,they were termed as “ego clashes”.But after so many years,there was none of it-it was only warmth of long lost ties. It was difficult to recognize many but a spirit of companionship and togetherness could be seen in all eyes.

There was food,music,fun and more. It was nice time for all of us and for me too- It was beautiful memories revisited.

Words fail me now ,but it was a memory I would recall in the darkest hours of my life and dispel all of it by a flicker of my smile.

DEDICATION: To my dear batchmates of Montfort (ICSE 2004)


Sam said…
Reunions are alwayss nostalgic, sweet and they invite lot of memories :)

Happy new yr anwesa
Hemanth Potluri said…
reunion wowe :)..those r some wonderful memories anwe :)...good u dedicated to ur batch :)..

Dhrubo said…
Must have been majical.
Suresh Kumar said…
Reunion - A chance when we get to be young again. A chance to return to the place which has not changed and to see how we have changed over the period.

Wishing you a happy new year. :)
Phoenix said…
reunions are always poignant and ethereal... :) im so glad you had fun!! girl u have a surprise waiting at my blog :) come over and have a look
sawan said…
wow, thats a wonderufl way of welcomin the new year! Happy new year dear.
The Rat... said…
reminiscence... :-) i just hope i cud go back to my school sumtime :-)
ANWESA said…
happy new year 2 u too!!
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 readin d post..yes,it was nothing short of magic
ANWESA said…
@suresh kumar,
luvd ur definition of reunion..
thanx 4 reading..
ANWESA said…
yes dear!!comin 2 ur blog soon..
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
@the rat,
hope u'll someday..
yamini meduri said…
wow...!!! Reunions are always special
we get to meet those people who have been with us in our special our chocolates, in our dreams, in our wishes, in our prayers, in our failures, in our success and where not??

good that you dedicated the post to those wonderful people who are dear to you....!!!
Keshi said…
Nice dedication Anwesa!


Anwesa said…
luvd ur comments..keep blogging..
Anwesa said…
thanx dear!!a happy new year 2 u too!!
Richa said…
it is always overwehming meeting old frinds :)
Mithe said…
nostalgia..heaven! Its like a cup of coffee in this cold savour it till the last go and then wait for a new one to take its place! nice post
Anwesa said…
i luvd ur comments..keep blogging..
Chriz said…
aaaww.. i miss my school now
ANWESA said…
sorry 4 makin u emo!but thanx 4 reading..
Lena said…
reunions are special :)
so many memories flash, so many old friends... always worth it :)

Happy New Year! :)
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
What a lovely start for the year!Happy New Year dear :)
yamini meduri said…
you are awarded..!!!

accept your award....!!!
ANWESA said…
yes dear!vry tru..a happy new yr 2 u too!!
ANWESA said…
thanx sameera!!
ANWESA said…
chekin it soon..n thanx 4 awards..
Aneesh said…
Friends...are special... and those from school...are something special..
and reunions... are strangely special.
it's a wonderful feeling if you see your old buddy somewhere.. so how can one feel if we can see almost all together?
Nice post
ANWESA said…
yes,its so tru n apt...thanx 4 ur beautiful comment..
Harshita said…
Wow! what better than a reunion to kickstart the new year.

You made me go nostalgic...but then its with every post of urs...You involve ppl as individuals and we, the readers can relate so much to your posts.
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d lovely feedbac dear..lots of luv...

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