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Its my fiftieth post and I’v decided to get myself interviewed. You heard it right, I actually asked Phoenix, a dear blogger friend to interview me. Well, before you giggle any more, I ask Phoenix to take over. Here she goes-

Since its your big day, and we are celebrating your 50th post, my job is to bring out a lil’ more to Anwesa than what meets the eye. The job may seem easy but it is not, for one can decode the several layers to you once they get to talk to you on a personal level. What intrigued me about you is the quite intensity that you have, your lofty thoughts, simple and warm ways made you endearing to me. Maybe that's why I have come so close to you. Let me tell you how honored I feel that you have allowed me to grace your 50th post! Thanks pal! *hugs*

1- Anwesa after that lil’ intro this interview of sorts I hope I have successfully painted an image of you that most will agree.... don't you think so? So tell me about the kind of person you are and how are you different from the person people perceive you of?
I’m quite like what people think about me. But then different people perceive me differently. At home, I’m a two year old, trying to attract my mom’s attention every now and then. My classmates would not believe that the stern Anwesa they know, is a kid at home. Again I always pull my sis’ legs at home. But when we go out, I’m her protector,guide and mentor.
Let me tell all those reading that Anwesa is hardly different from her image but don't mistake her as serious and boring. Despite the bookworm that she is, she is the Queen of PJ's and has a tiny naughty streak in her :P

2- I have always wanted to ask you something... you are not in love, you don't like the idea of love relationships and think arranged marriages where the love grows as the ultimate romantic setting.. then what inspired you to create Vishu and Shweta?
Vishu and Shweta are the romantic ramblings of an unromantic person. I had tried writing stories on this blog and none of them were love stories. All of them had social backgrounds. But the “versatility” bug bit me. Also many of my blogger friends were writing romance at that time. So I tried my hand at it. Neel, Noyona , Arjun and Sia inspired me a lot.

3-You once told me that all your characters will be called Vishu and Shweta, but why this fixation with these two names?
Well, if I do write any stories of similar genre, the protagonists will be named so. I’v grown so used to them that its difficult for me to get out of the cult. Shweta and Vishu symbolize purity for me. And that’s what I think love is- pure thoughts. The world has grey shades. But love is always pure,unadulterated.

4-Pardon my obsession with Vishu and Shweta, when you write about them, do you place yourself in Shweta's place and take the story forward? Because I know I do. What plays on your mind while weaving a plot around them?
When I write my story, I live all the characters. In “ Two friends” , I was more of Vishu because it (the prose and poetry) was mostly his ideas and emotions. Shweta had more of a subtle but powerful presence. When I became Shweta, it was easy to take the story forward as I could identify a lot with her. When I’m writing a story, I go with a flow- all the parts are written at one go. But the concluding part of “ Two friends” was an exception.

5-Moving on..we all have desires and wants, that sometimes take a back seat while fulfilling radical and practical goals in life, or while living up to reputation and expectation. It is not unknown to many, that you are an excellent in academics, do you feel the pressure to perform?
Well, I’m not that an exceptional performer you’ve just told. But nevertheless, I’m not too bad . *smiles* But I don’t feel any kind of pressure to perform, it was a different story when I was in my higher secondary though.

6 - What drives you in life? What is your motivation?
I’v a dream. May sound trivial or strange but it would be the greatest reward of my life. When my dad goes out on the road, people would say ,” See he’s Anwesa’s father.” That is, I want to be my family icon.

7- This one is a cliche but then I cant help asking... how do you see yourself say 5 years from now??
Having completed my masters, working in a good firm and enjoying my work. On the personal front, I would be the same as what I’m now.

8- We all blog for a reason..what does blogging/blog mean to you?
When I started blogging, I meant to earn some money out of it. It was a long vacation and I was getting bored. I posted daily and left it in 10 days. I was tired of it too soon as I had no readers. But in a month, I came to my blog impulsively. I wrote a post and have not looked back since then. This blog has given me many reasons to smile and I don’t regret the fact that I’v not earned any money out of this. Blogging is my passion now.

9- I’ve been meaning to ask you, what motivates you to write? Because not only do you write and express your mind but you also set a certain level, you challenge the reader to rise above to think.. I think that is no mean feat.
I think that I need someone to listen to me and my readers have been supporting me throughout. So I think my readers’ responses motivate me to write.

10 - Now this interview I think is getting a little boring. I think it is time to spice it up. So tell me Anwesa why are you the best bindh I or any girl can ever have? [In case you don't know Anwesa is my bindh and I'm her bindhni.. :P ] c’mon girl show them, that you are whacky and naughty and can be quite a mouthful if you want to...
[My dear readers, if you are confused listen to this- Phoenix and I are “Balika Vadhu” fans. In Rajasthani dialect,“Bindh” means husband and “bindhni” means wife.]
Well, I’m a girl friendly person. I never mess with girls. (And you can guess what kind of equation I share with boys. Of course, brilliant exceptions do exist. Maybe some of them will be reading this post.)
I can make you gals laugh real loud on genuine jokes.
And if you are a good cook, then I’m your greatest admirer on earth.
I can sing songs for you.
In short, I’m exceptionally brilliant in dealing with gals.

Okay Anwesa, it was a pleasure interviewing you.. I hope you had fun? For I sure has been really fun chatting up with you and hopefully your friends on your blog have got to know you a tad bit better! :D Here's Phoenix signing off...

Thanks Phoenix, it was real sweet of you to do this. May you climb the ladder of success in life !


Anonymous said…
nice to know the authoress a bit more better...! :)

wish u more success to come...
ANWESA said…
thanx!!i hope u liked d post.:)
Phoenix said…
wow your anwers just woed me girl they were rocking and so was the last answer which was just amazing!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot gal!!!u made this post.
n i'm happy u liked d answers..
Suresh Kumar said…
Gettting an inner view of a writer's mind. But why there is no more stories ? Its quite long when the two stories had concluded.
ANWESA said…
@suresh kumar,
thanx 4 reading this post!!well,my creative urges are taking some rest i think.i'll b writing stories as soon as i get that spark in me.i'll try n write buddy!
it was nice 2 kno dat u liked d story.
hehe very nice post. thoroughly enjoyed it.

few days back i celebrated my 50th post. it really feels great.

a big congrats on ur half century. may u soon complete ur century.

take care.:)
yamini meduri said…
firstly, congratulations on your 50th post..!!!

nice attempt and i got to know you better dear..!!!

thank you phoenix for those special questions..!!!

have a great time anwesa and all the best..!!!
Anonymous said…
This is quite unique and different from the tag seasons! Happy 50th!
I am glad to know you better at this occasion!
Thank you for a unique gift-the gift of YOU on your 5oth post :)
Lots of hugs & no, there was no need to 'endure ' you, we got hooked at the first glance!
Vani said…
Congrats on 50th post.. Keep going :)
Cool answers..
Tara said…
Congratulations dear! And what a post to mark the celebrations! Good going so far, and wish you greater success in times to come! :) Got to know a lot more about your life and times! :D

PS- And Raka, great interview, a nice set of questions there! :)
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
Congrats on the half century!Keep blogging :)
oo7 said…
nice to know a bit about you
ya i m a good cook.

i m ditikrishna

i m realyy proud of myself that i came across you as a classmate.

I always invest my time & implement some sentences of your blogs in my life...

So you should know that u have done some corrections in my life & i swear i will follow whatever i have adapted from you..
Congratz on the 50th post.

Lovely idea to celebrate...

You mentioned a couple of other fellow bloggers. Wont it be better if you gave their links too?

So wat else? Zoom your way to 100!!
now thts one helluva way of celebrating a 50th post...kool!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey that was a nice read!
Harshita said…
Crap! I am gonna scream now... Me and you share the same dream... ;)

are you as mad as me is my question after I read ur answer to that question?? ;)

Okay!! I am so unlucky I fell sick when I cud have fought over this golden opportunity of interviewing someone I look up to... Ofcourse, You know naa that I am ur biggest admirer :)

I just want to ask one thing :
100th post pey mujhey chance milega kya intw leney ka??

Congrats for ur 5th post.

Raka, tumney toh mast intw liya yaar... thanks for asking such wonderful questions...
Hemanth Potluri said…
congrats anwe on the 50th post :)....
those wer some cool answers :)..

Cяystal said…
Wow. really interviewed Anw welL! :)
And however boring people may perceive you really are a flawless writer, and I'm totally obsessed with Vishu and Shweta..the way you created them was so-close-to-reality.


50 now..5000000 to come! :)
ANWESA said…
@all my readers,
i'm in a little problem now(my net connection and laptop,i'm fit as a fiddle).so plz 4giv me if i dont answer ur replies or blog 4 a few days 4m now.
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!ur comment boosted me a lot!!
ANWESA said…
thanx gal!!n thanx 2 dear phoenix all over again!!hope i keep blogging 4evr..n u too!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dearie!!!lots of hugs 2 u too!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!"my life and times"-ur phrase lit my face wid a smile.
ur a sharp gal!!!
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading bro!!
ANWESA said…
@as i confess,
urn't a gal,so u missed d bus,bro!
i'm glad dat u read me untiringly.
thanx 4 reading!!!
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
thanx sunny boy!!!ya,u can see all of dem in my followers list.
n keep blogging!!!
ANWESA said…
@comfortably numb,
thanx bro!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx gal!!
ANWESA said…
:)well,we do hav many things in common!!i'v a 75th post celebration too ,God willing.
luvd ur reply...lots of luv..
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot!!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx kiddo!!!luvd ur reply..hope i'll blog 4evr.
Rocky said…
Hey Anwesa,
Congratulations on the 50th post.

I am sorry to say this but I didn't like the way the post is handled.

you are very good at writing and i was expecting something big for the 50th post and it disappointed me to see such a post.

There is this interview in which you talked a lot about yourselves. No matter how much you talk, its again to the readers or the people to take whatever they want.

so, instead of just questions and answers, you could have included few incidents of your life so that we could say we know you better
ANWESA said…
sorry bro!!i'll keep in mind wat u'v said while blogging further.
but keep visiting.
Rakesh said…
haha nice one something very original
ANWESA said…
mayz said…
u got a dedication on my blog from meera
mayz said…
hey u got more dedication :)
Divya said…
everybody's into interviews of late, eh? anyway, nice! and congratulations!
Rajesh said…
Well...just a few hrs back i read a piece wherein a person interviews himself on the the of his birthday..

Nice...u get to know ur inner mind
Pooja said…
hmmm...wot shud i say???


u hav somethng magical abt ur personality...stern yet so sweet... :)

ANWESA said…
i'v seen it all bro!!n thanx 4 introducing such an unique idea!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!it was nice 2 hear 4m u after a long tym!!

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