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This post is to boost the already high spirits of my greatest admirer on blogger. Harshita, this is for you.
It happened when I was in class X. On the verge of appearing the first public examination of my life. About 10 days left for the board exams.The mock test results weren’t out yet. The school principal took our History and Geography classes and didn’t have enough time to check our answer scripts. Scores of all other subjects had been intimated to us before.
A fateful afternoon, my sister barged into the living room and almost shouted,”Good ! Keep on watching television. 78 in Geography.” She was back from school.(My sister and I were in the same school. She was a seventh grader then.) Mom came running and said ,”What!”My sister explained, in a tone full of sarcasm, ”Your darling elder daughter has scored 78 in Geography test. Here’s the report card.” She handed over the report card to my mother. It was the first board exam of my life and my parents were more nervous than me, I guess. A detailed post-mortem of the report was done by mom and dad and the “verdict” was- You have done all your map work wrong. It’s your forte and how can you be so careless ? Meanwhile, I was brushing up my Julius Ceasar text and was oddly nonchalant. I behaved as if nothing had happened. That perturbed mom. Later she told me that she was tensed due to my reaction. She thought maybe I was shell-shocked and didn’t react. (None of it had happened actually.) Somehow all was silent by evening. Though I could hear Dad’s voice,”God knows what she’s upto. She was so good in Geography.”

The next day-morning 8 am. ”Dad,I want to see my Geography paper”,I told .
He took me to school. Straight to Principal Sir’s office.
“May I come in, Father?”(Our principal was a Catholic Father.)
He looked up from his files and said,” Come in Anwesa.”
“I wanted to see my Geography answer paper.”
I had already noticed my mark foil in his hands.
“Yes, its here.”, he handed me my answer script in no time. I was about to leave the room when he said,” Anwesa, I’m not happy at your performance. Especially in Geography.”
I preferred not to answer and quietly got out of the room. Checked the answer paper. Instantly my face brightened up. I knew my intuition was correct. Dad was waiting all this while. I stood up and went straight into the Principal’s office.

I came back with a message for dad-the principal wanted to see him. I hadn’t seen Dad’s face more morose than what it was then. The meeting was over in ten minutes. I was in front of the notice board. Dad patted my back and said,”Lets go now.” His smile was a resplendent one-I can’t forget it ever.

Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t a bit surprised when I topped the school in History,Civics and Geography in boards.

My readers must be curious to know what had happened. Well,the evaluator had skipped one of my maps. And there was a minor error in totaling of marks. I had scored 94 , not 78.

I’v taken many important examinations after that. And it was not always that I stood above the crowd.(I too had my share of failures in life. But as Robin Sharma puts it- nothing is failure, its an experience.) But every time I faltered I learnt something new. My parents have been my greatest pillars of strength, be it sun or rain.
The “cocky” confidence I have has saved me from a lot of trials and tribulations. And I know, God willing, I’ll sail smoothly in the “real examination ” called LIFE.


Suresh Kumar said…
Sure. You will sail smoothly. Always be adventurous and find out new seas and lands.

But remember that Life is a teacher who first gives the exams and then teaches the lessons. No Mock tests or no supplementaries. :)

Great Post.
yamini meduri said…
nice post dear...good about your confidence in is what is important for success...!!!

All the very best for your future too...!!!

have a great time ahead...!!!
ANWESA said…
@suresh kumar,
thanx 4 ur wishes,words and compliments.:) hav a gr8 de..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!
Phoenix said…
im so proud of my bind!! yay!! :D

ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!
Sam said…
you would dear, u hv got great spirits and right mix of courage....

good post and all d best!!
CяystąL said…
The confidence which you have amazes me..I ain't that confident to be frank..
I really wish you keep topping hamesha...:)
Anwesa said…
thanx gal.its not important 2 top,its important 2 keep learning.
wish u luk little gal.
sawan said…
words of wisdom!
oo7 said…
3 mein top,sahi...
you will ..just be yourself.

muZer.. :-) said…
Parents sure are a pillar of strength.. even when everything around is so distateful and going awry,, they still have your back and boost you with energy and confidence.. :-)

Lovely post,, Anwesa.. Happy New year.. :-)
Harshita said…
First of all, Thanks for being so kind to me... I am honored.

You will sail thru the exam called life for sure with flying colors...coz you have it in YOU... :)

I feel blessed to know u...Stay the same.
RiverSoul said…
The kind of confidence you had in yourself, was amazing.
Don't ever lose that self confidence.
It is amazing to hear about this incident... Shows that when you know that you're not wrong, the whole world Can't stop you from achieving your destiny.

Beautiful post, Anwesa
Keep writing.
Vani said…
Good post hun:)
Awesome self-confidence u have der.
* And I know, God willing, I’ll sail smoothly in the “real examination ” called LIFE.*
Yes, u will..with such a morale of urs.

Best wishes for ur future goals. Keep writing.:)
mayz said…
i like ppl who have confidence in themselves...its d first step to success...m sure u'll do great in life...all d best :)
Tara said…
Oh my God! I really can't believe this, it's like reading my own mind.

Almost the same thing happened with me in English in the twelfth grade. On the day we were supposed to collect our Pre-board papers, we had an Accounts mock exam, and after that we were to collect the papers.

I was in good spirits as my mock was good. And then we got the bundle of our pre-board papers.

I went through all the marks, had fared reasonably well. And then I saw my English paper, it said 58. I still remember what ma'am had written on it.

"This was not expected of you! Perhaps you are getting too over confident!"

And I was shocked and my tears smudged the red ink. No one had ever said such a thing to me. Thankfully, my friends totaled the paper and they went to call ma'am. They didn't tell me that ma'am had not counted my Writing section marks of 30 and that my actual mark was 88. She came and apologized. But I fought with her. It was her mistake and I got a comment that I didn't deserve.

It is another matter that in the Boards I scored a 64, that shock still haunts me...

Beautiful writing there girl! :)

And I want to tell you one more thing Anwesa. There are two kinds of writers. Some write and some create magic. You are in the latter. And I don't say this to flatter you, I know flattery is the biggest roadblock to progress. This is something I genuinely feel, from my heart. And I really do hope that the someone up there takes good care of you and blesses you. :)

PS-No, my exams aren't over yet, in fact have one tomorrow. But just couldn't stop myself from commenting. I had to share this piece of my life. :)
ANWESA said…
was it wisdom ? thanx 4 d compliment..
ANWESA said…
it wasn't 3 papers-a combined score of d nevertheless thanx...
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading !!
ANWESA said…
thanx gal..i do hope u realize wat ur n b happy always. i'm trying 2 get used 2 ur lavish comments.
ANWESA said…
u summed up d ntire post in a line.
it was gr8 2 see ur reply.:)
ANWESA said…
thanx gal...
ANWESA said…
its real hard 2 bear that,i kno.i understand wat u must hav felt. anyways lyf goes of luk 2 u 4 smile gal,see u soon.
Mithe said…
Harshita-you are lucky to have such a support system, so buck up and smile!
Anwesha- beautiful post indeed. I laud you for bringing cheers in the life of some one else through such a warm, personal memory!:)
Anwesa said…
thanx dear!!but you must see how harshita reacts to my posts-its amazing..
alok said…
Good to know that there are people who can figure out the experiences from their failures, and that’s what I believe is the stepping stone for the never so ending success for them in life.

Mua jane, gotia katha – In life there is only one “Failure”, and that is failure to try.
ANWESA said…
bhala odia kahucha ta,ebe odia re hin reply dabaaku anurodh.:)
Aneesh said…
WOW!.. Interesting experience.
Nice to hear school memories..
Sadly, I never had such experience.. I once had an opposite experience.. All my friends said that the teachers are giving out free additional marks and all are getting it and so I too went for it. But my teacher found out that the marks was put wrong, the examiner has counted wrong and I actually got some 5 marks less than what I had. So, I learned the lesson, never ask for what you don't deserve and I have never went for additional marks even if I deserve it
Leo said…
yep... good post anwesa! :)

always be confident! :)
ANWESA said…
well,u shud ask if u deserve, :)
can't help pity u..loss of 5 marks.
that was so nice anwesha.. you showed your parents calmly that you have alctually scored high in your bord exams... well done.. have the same confinent in you forever.. bless you
ANWESA said…
well,i dint "show" my parents my marks,but de got a feel dat i'v grown up well.:)thanx 4 reading..
Keshi said…
I agree with every word Suresh said!

All the best Anwesa!

ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!
Lena said…
Wow! Awesome post, Anwesa. It is always about the confidence. If you believe in yourself then the most complicated exams life has prepared for you will be passed with a smile :)
Great message to everyone :)
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!
Mads said…
haila :O :O topper or what :O :O u got such awesome marks... :D :D

awesome post. specially liked the last para. :) :)
keep topping :| :|: :D :D
ANWESA said…
:) hamesha thodi hi na top karti hoon...woh toh kabhi kabhi good luck thik chalta hey toh... :P

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