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Vishu was back in India, after 3 long years in US.He was a qualified neurologist now, working for the top tier corporate hospital in the country. He was in his sister’s house for Tushin’s birthday. Tushin-his 3 year old niece.His sister stayed in the same city and this comforted Vishu a lot. But was Vishu afraid of being alone? No, perhaps he wanted to live a life bereft of Shweta. It would be very difficult, he knew. The party was on. All of a sudden, a little yellow fairy emerged. Yellow-Vishu’s favourite colour. Tushin introduced her little friend to Vishu, ” Uncle, she is Anurati. My best friend.” She smiled and said,” Hello ! ” Taking out her tiny hand, she asked, ”Friends?” Vishu shook hands with her and said,”Yes,friends”.Her cherubic smile strangely reminded him of Shweta. In fact, Anurati looked like the child version of ‘his’ Shweta.Vishu drove down into memory lanes. He had met her for the first time in a similar fashion.
“There were flowers,
But they weren’t ours.
There was love,
But it wasn’t ours.
There were stolen glances ,
And they were ours
Vishu had penned these lines after seeing Shweta for the first time at a friend’s party.
Soon,they got to meet and know each other better. Shweta was a smiling,cheerful,happy-go-lucky soul, spreading fun everywhere .
Shweta was his muse, his inspiration and life, from then on. He felt the hidden beauty of life after befriending her.
A life beyond his books,surgical equipments,wards.
They became best of best friends.But,alas!good times never last for ever.

“Vishu!”,a call startled him. It was his sister. She said,”Can you please drop Anurati home tonight ? Its on your way .” He replied,”Sure !” He played several games with Tushin and Anurati that evening. In fact, his face beamed with happiness at the end of the party,after a long-long time.He took a half-sleeping Anurati into his car and reached her house. On the way, Anurati had told him to come to her house the next day, it was her birthday.She added,”Mom will be happy to see you.”Her lisping words sounded sweeter than honey to Vishu.She was sleeping by then and Vishu had to carry her in his arms.He rung the doorbell and almost immediately,popped in a face,saying,”Sorr..yyy..yyyyy..” What he saw, made him lose his voice,numbed his senses and perhaps lose himself too.It was Shweta,his life, at the door, waiting for Anurati.Meanwhile,Shweta was speechless.Time stood still for both of them.None of them could utter a word. It was a sight and emotion beyond description ,words choke you and you are bubbling with affection.A man with a child in arm, a woman gazing at a man who meant a lot to her even now and everything still. Nobody realized who moved out of that stupor first,but Vishu placed little Anurati on her bed and moved out of her room. Shweta was perhaps in trance even then. Vishu tried to say something but failed. The initial “shock” was far from over. In a bid to say something,Vishu blabbered out, ”Good ..night …“ Shweta,as if awaking from deep sleep, replied robotically,”Good night? Yes, Good night.” She finally woke up to the situation and rushed to Vishu,”Hey,you must come tomorrow.Its Anurati’s birthday.” Vishu,with somewhat changed expressions, replied, ”Yes,I’ll be there.”

“She has become paler and thinner.A lucky man stole her heart perhaps.”, Vishu thought. He knew what she meant for him,but never thought that his feelings were reciprocated. “We were friends after all, she called me her chum. She has given me so much that I can wish for no more.” But deep within, he knew something had just broken, snapped his dreamy hopes, in him.An unknown sensation gripped him, and he had tears in his eyes.
It was a different story for Shweta that night. A riot of happiness filled her mind followed by a helpless call from within.She couldn’t laugh or cry, life had placed her best friend in front of her but didn’t offer her time to cry her heart out, pour all her troubles into his ears, rest her head on his strong shoulders. Over time, she had realized that Vishu was the one who could understand and feel for her. Their relation was nameless, but certainly a beautiful one.

To be continued....


RiverSoul said…
You write so beautifully!
Liked the way you weave ur words
sawan said…
do u see a lot of ekta kapoor serials?? u always end on such emotional note! come back with part 4 soon.. i am waiting ...... soooooon....
Priya Joyce said…
u excell in expression.dear..lovely..and now I can say U can try publishing ur short stories
Hemanth Potluri said…
anwe i wont u to introduce mea character...:P...its beautiful with emotional touching :)...sweet...

Anonymous said…
a story with a poetic touch,
wow, ur words i love them so much,
beautiful words, written well,
they entrance me like a magical spell!!! :)

beautiful part 3 anwesa!! :)
is it over?? :(
Harshita said…
For the first time ever, I could guess Anurati is Shweta's kid...

Else it is so difficult to predict the direction ur stories take.. u r such an amazing writer...

This storyz gonna win me over again...I am eagerly waiting for the next part now.

Chalo Chalo...Jaldi Karo
Anonymous said…
Wow! come back soon...waiting eagerly for the next part anwesha:)
ANWESA said…
thanx...keep reading...
ANWESA said…
i'm not a tv viewer,n ekta kapoor's serials r a far cry 4 me.
i end on emotional notes coz i feel lyk it.well,did u lyk it?
trying 2 pen d nxt part...
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
thanx 4 d compliments dear!!publishing in book form ?it'll b a dream come true!!!keep blogging..
ANWESA said…
yes,i'll do dat.thanx 4 reading.
njoy ur blog anniversary.
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading...
yamini meduri said…
nice one as usual.....the words are beautifully put together....!!!

keep teh good work going...!!!
mayz said…
i kno that...i've felt that!!!!

that was jus soooo i dont kno...beautiful wudnt do justice!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d poetic appreciation!!
well,ders more to it,not over..
ANWESA said…
mmm....keep guessing..ya,i do believe dat lyf's totally unpredictable n so..:) keep blogging..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading dear!doin d nxt part..till then keep smiling..
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!
ANWESA said…
gr8 2 read ur comments...keep blogging...
... sad... harsh - very harsh - poor Vishu. poor Shweta.

I could guess that Anurati should be Shweta's daughter. But I am left wondering WHAT NEXT? >>>

A few of the lines were heart-stopping.("There were stolen glances ,And they were ours.")A few of the lines were heart-breaking.
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
maybe somethings can't be changed..
ur questions may b answered in the next part..
luvd ur reactions..
lukkydivz said…
totally loved the way u wrote this part :) i guessed arunati is shwetha's daughter :P looking fwd for the next :)
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!working on 4th part..
Rocky said…
Are you sure its not fiction?
I can't believe its not fiction. I can visualize the characters in front of me. Great writing girl. Great going. Hope to see the part 4 soon
Rocky said…
Hey, there's a website called Authors Den.
You can publish your stories there. There will be a lot more readers there and the readers are from different parts of the world. Very wide range of audience for you :)
Heart'n'Soul said…

very very touching
ANWESA said…
its totally fiction,believe me..
thanx 4 reading..n thanx 4 d compliments..yes,i'll log on to author's den asap..keep blogging..
ANWESA said…
thanx again.. :-) keep blogging..
ANWESA said…
@heart n soul,
thanx..keep visiting..
Divya said…
im guessing anurati is shweta's daughter.. nice story, i like your poetry even more.
Mampi said…
I m following the story,
It is indeed interesting.
muZer.. :-) said…
sigh,, sigh n more sighs!

poignant read, Anwesa.. towards da end u feel both for Vishu n Shweta..

m now waitin for da nxt.. :-)
CяystąL said…
Love always comes in picture..doesn't it? :D

But no loop holes..a strong storym still continuing beautifully!
ANWESA said…
its nice 2 kno dat u lyked this.thanx 4 d compliments.i'm novice at poetry,n overjoyed 2 kno dat u lyk it so much.
ANWESA said…
nice 2 kno dat ur following the story.luvd ur reactions.
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading dear!!
ANWESA said…
well,its d 1st full fledged luv story i'm writing.thanx 4 ur comments.:)
Suresh Kumar said…
I am reading continuously from the chapter two. And you took me out of the romantic trance.

I don't want to c myself in that position. Err with my girlfriends baby in my arms and I at her doors. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I hope i will see as SRK says in OSO 'Happys Endings' :)
ANWESA said…
@suresh kumar,
:) quite a different type of comment!!n i'm smiling..lets see wat happens..god forbid if it happens 2 anyone..
yamini meduri said…

Merry Christmas...!!!

collect your christmas gifts from the link...!!!

hope you like it...!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx dear,i'm gonna post it soon..
Phoenix said…
wow im speechless.. whatever i had hoped it surely wasnt this... who would have thought anurati being shwetas daughter...

please please please let anurati be vishnu's daughter and have a happy ending... :P
ANWESA said…
well,the story will unfold in the next part.till then,plz bear with this.thanx 4 reading!!
Resurgence said…
Gal....... beautiful narration... you brought out the feelings well.... I thought the storyline was too predictable.... nonetheless .. good effort. :)
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading!!

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