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Vishu recalled the last moments with ‘his’ Shweta. It was some three and a half years ago when he had received an offer to pursue his super-speciality course in one of the most prestigious medical schools of the world. He called Shweta immediately,who was holidaying with her parents then, to give her the news. He wanted to know how she would react. “Wonderful !”, Shweta exclaimed. “So you think it would be a good idea to go ? ”,he asked with apprehension.She said,in her signature nonchalant way,”Why, do you have a doubt about that ? ”“No,I mean staying miles away from home,what would I do if I don’t feel well there ? " To this Shweta had replied,”You are a poet Vishu. Solitude is your best friend. Keep writing ……..” The line snapped and there was no further communication between them. A few months later, while boarding his flight to US, Vishu felt that he had perhaps lost ‘his’ Shweta.

A beep took Vishu out of his reverie. Vishu bought a life-size teddy for Anurati as birthday gift and again,he was standing at Shweta’s door,with Tushin of course. He felt as if something was breaking within him.Shweta opened the door and smiled. Her smile hadn’t changed.Yes,the happy-go-lucky nature was gone,perhaps forever. She was a ‘responsible mother’ now. She let him in and said something which Vishu couldn’t hear. He was struck with awe to see his muse metamorphse into a mature human being. Anurati had already noticed the teddy he was carrying and came rushing to him. Embraced him and thanked him for the present.Anurati and Tushin went off to play soon after. Vishu was pleased and a smile flickered on his face. Just then,the door bell rang again and Shweta went to open the door. A familiar voice zoomed into the room. Vishu turned around to find yet another surprise that was in store for him. It was Hemant -his school mate. The two friends had met each other after a real long time and just got lost in catching up. Shweta plied them with food and went into the kitchen to give some finishing touches to the preparations. Hemant was a medico, working in a charitable hospital in the city. After their jokes and peals of laughter got over, Hemant asked Vishu how he knew Shweta. To this Vishu replied,”A nice friend.” Hemant asked him casually,”Then why don’t you pursue her to go ahead in life ?” Vishu gave him a “What !” look and Hemant understood that Shweta hadn’t told Vishu anything about what had happened with her since last three years. In a hushed voice Hemant told him of the strange game life had played with Shweta.At the end of it,he added,” Every year she donates all her might to the charitable hospital.On Anurati’s birthday. Actually I’ve come to collect the cheque as well.You know, sometimes I feel she has someone in mind. She has suffered a lot and I really feel she deserves to be happy. Please talk to her as you know her well enough.” Shweta had arrived by then and the cake-cutting ceremony begun. Vishu was absent minded all this time. Shweta hadn’t failed to notice it. The celebrations came to an end and Tushin and Anurati were cuddled in Shweta’s lap. Vishu came in to take Tushin home but couldn’t. What Hemant told him had set his heart and brain churning, he realized that Shweta was too good to be his. Shweta broke the ice finally and asked,” Vishu,You’ve changed quite a lot. You don’t tell me what’s disturbing you so much that you’ve quietly settled on the floor. Get up.”

Vishu opened up, with tears in his eyes,”I’m sorry Shweta. I’m really sorry. I went away when you needed me the most. I was a fool to have left you amidst a crisis.” Incoherent words mixed with heartfelt cries made Shweta fumble. She realized Hemant had told everything to Vishu. She didn’t want Vishu to know anything about her misfortune because she didn’t want him to be sad ;she secretly hoped that Vishu should be happy forever, wherever he is.Choked emotions got better of her and she said,”Maybe whatever happened was my fate. You never knew that I …it happened the day we talked……” and she broke down. A girl who stood rock-steady when she lost her entire family, barring a two month old infant niece, was crying floods of tears. A road accident killed Shweta’s entire family-her parents, her brother and sister-in-law when Anurati was two months old. All at one go. Shweta had nobody to look upto,she donned the garbs of a mother and was happily raising her niece as her daughter. Vishu was preparing to go to US then and this incident would have prevented him from pursuing his dreams. Unknowingly,by then, Vishu and Shweta were holding hands and she realized it first. She tried to move out but Vishu looked apologetically towards her. Shweta brightened up a bit ,” Do you know what made me strong enough to face all this ? This.” She handed Vishu a notebook from the side table. It was Vishu’s notebook-in which he had penned all his poems. Shweta read out-
“ Life-I love you,
You make men out of mud.”

Then words abandoned her, for Vishu came upto her,looked into her eyes steadily and said,” Will you bless me with fatherhood of this little girl ?” He pointed to sleeping Anurati. Shweta’s joy knew no bounds.
An unshed teardrop twinkled in her eyes.


Hemanth Potluri said…
omg u gave me a character in the post i dreaming or is it real...let me pinch myself ; anwe that's the sweetest of u ..u gave me a wonderful present this christmas :)....i really loved the concludin part of the friends..hope they make it into a serial :) ya anwe...keep rocking :)..

Harshita said…

Beautiful Story... The people are so real here.

It has become so difficult for me to search for the right words to let you know wat a gr8 writer you are.

Like I said earlier, I want to be the first one to take your autograph.
ANWESA said…
thank u!!!i couldn't contain myself but post this as soon as i had written it.yes,ur character is actually in the post.
ANWESA said…
as usual,i'm bowled out by ur was very difficult 4 me to restrain myself 4m publishing the last part,coz i wanted my readers to smile finally. thanx again 4 reading me so diligently.luv u...
yamini meduri said…
nice one...!!!!

real pictures can be found while reading it...!!!

good work dear..!!!
Trinaa said…
d imagery was pretty vivid! niiiiiice :)
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!!it was nice 2 receive ur feedback.
ANWESA said…
thanx dear!!keep visiting!!
Priya Joyce said…
I felt tat I was reading a real life story. clappppppssss to ya dear...u brot up such a sweet post
sawan said…
Anwesa, I am touched.. such an emotional story. if only words could say how much i liked it. u r a genius. keep up the good work.. so happy to have visited you! you would go places! and trust me, ill follow you as long as you throw your words for people like me :)
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
thanx 4 d compliment dear!!!keep blogging...
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 such a gr8 compliment...nvr mind my words..

I was expecting tears - yes you made me cry but with joy.

Lovely ending :D

(I missed the Christmas surprise - I am late)
ANWESA said…
thanx a lot!!!but,better late dan never..
Hemanth Potluri said…
anwe were r u yaar not coming to my blog at all :(...

ANWESA said…
hey,sorry bro!!everytym i visit ur blog,i 4get 2 post my comments.
phew!!how silly of me!!
Phoenix said…
where are you?
u need a big bear hug

ure splendid and just too good to be true
ure ....
words are failing me
this is truly the best read ever

mwuah mwua... happy ending yay!
ANWESA said…
thanx dearie!!! hugs 2 u too!!
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
I loved the story,was very moving.Life does play strange and cruel games,but that does not mean there cannot be happy endings :)
Suresh Kumar said…
As I said in the last part, 'Happy's Endings'.. Kahani me lots of twist hain re. Liked it.

Keep writing and u vil one day bcom like Honey Irani. I mean u will churn out good scripts like her... Okay... :)
The Rat... said…

i was just praying d two to be together @ d end... thanks for connecting them... :-)
Aneesh said…
Well written and a nice climax :)

BTW, Belated X'mas wishes and new year wishes in advance
ANWESA said…
thanx dearie!!!
ANWESA said…
@suresh kumar,
glad dat u lyked d story..but i dunno who honey irani is..well,thanx 4 reading..
ANWESA said…
@the rat,
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading,same 2 u too..
Anonymous said…
Lovely! What a nice ending....I thought it was a sad story and would have a sad glad my thoughts were wrong lovely, lovely and very mushy:)
Anonymous said…
wud read soon!!
Mampi said…
That was a nice story.
mayz said…
i have goosebumps..seriously!!!!!
been long since i read smthn so beautiful!!!

ps: u been awarded on my blog :)
Resurgence said…
Nice end to the story...... Great going Gal..... keep up the good work... and never stop writing fiction... Its a gift... One day U'll mature into writing bigger stories reflecting on more complex shades of life..... :)
ANWESA said…
well,waiting 4 u 2 read...
ANWESA said…
thanx!!n thanx 4 d awards too...
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 visiting!!may ur words com tru!!!
muZer.. :-) said…
A heart warmin story.. n a happy endin ,, :-)

loved it,, Anwesa.. wid al da twists n sad times,, i wazz worried tat itzz goin to turn out a sad endin.. but happy it didnt n finally thy both were reunited.. :-)

gr8 wrk.. :-)
joiedevivre said…
aare waahh
dis is really nice dear
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx ji!!!
CяystąL said…
*applauds* for you,b'ful! :)
That was goosebumps for me..allll the way ! :D..
loved the line-->
**“ Life-I love you,
You make men out of mud.”

Awesome story..and you also made th wait worth it!

*hugs* to you on the great occasion of new year..god bless ya..
PS_you gt something on my blog..come check!
ANWESA said…
thanx!!!lots of wishes on new year!!
Anonymous said…
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