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Hemanth ,this is surprise for you on your blog anniversary.These were the sweet little gifts you gave me and here they are on my blog.Keep blogging.
@all my readers,
keep watching for the next post of TWO FRIENDS.


so cute :)

hemz never fails to bring a smile on everyones face :)
Sam said…
Good gesture from your end :)
ANWESA said…
yes,he's d tru smile-spreader,hope he reads all this soon.
ANWESA said…
its meant to surprise him pleasantly..
ANWESA said…
@yamini meduri,
yes...(actually de resemble me a lot!!!)
lukkydivz said…
it is still 19th anwi :D
RiverSoul said…
So sweet of you, anwesa
I've sent him my dedications but i might have sent them too late
Your pic is awesome
ANWESA said…
yeah,but better 2 b early dan late..
ANWESA said…
thanx...hope he'll b happy 2 c it..
Priya Joyce said…
u rokk anwesa I am sure hemzii wud like it
Hemanth Potluri said…
thnks soo much anwe :)...its soo nice to see u posted my pics :)....lovely thing :)....i am sorry to have read it late but u made my day :)...

ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
thanx dear...yes,i can see his comment here..
ANWESA said…
u were d chief guest 2de,so its nice dat u saw it late..keep blogging n rocking...
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
That was interesting!Read the previous parts,keep writing :)
ANWESA said…
glad 2 c u back.thanx!!!
Phoenix said…
aww i love the one with the bunny sleeping on the moon the best.. its soo damn sweet yaar...

hey r u on gtalk by any chance???

if you feel like... add me

i tried emailing you.. never worked out...
ANWESA said…
i like it too!!well,i'm gonna contact u soon...:)

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