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Well,I was happy that almost all my readers liked my first poem.I would like to try more of it,but as they say,poetry is the overflow of powerful emotions.So,I guess I'll have to wait for yet another powerful emotion for my second poem.My semester exams are far from over,it will end most probably on 17th of this month.There's lot of fun and excitement coming ahead after the exams. I'll tell you about it in coming posts.

I would like my readers to answer this poser- If you were given a chance to marry,how would your wedding be?

(A) a high profile theme party(like gold-champagne party) with all the glitz and glamour of super-rich soceity

(B) customary traditional way with a lot of Bollywood influence( a movie-like wedding)-according to religious practices-In India,there are various religions,I'm including all of them here.

(C) A simple ceremony without much fanfare,no glamour or not-so-"big,fat" wedding.

(D) A registered marraige in court of law

I know many other options exist,but these are rough ideas.My readers are free to write their ideas of their "dream" wedding.I think you will find it enjoyable.


peter said…
1st option sounds mast ...if i can afford ..I wud make it that way :D
Hemanth Potluri said…
my wedding will be in the presence of all my friends offline and wud be a big party with all of them here :)....

alok said…
My option would be (e) difficult to answer at this point of time but would be simple enough to follow whatever (option) it maybe at that right time :)
Tara said…
My option would have to be (C). I have always believed in those little, personal moments, the individual only a simple ceremony for me! Am not a very social person, so this suits me just fine! I have been to weddings, where there are so many people, and our existence almost doesn't matter! That's sad! :)
RiverSoul said…
To tell the truth, i'm definitely not the party type. But i'd love to have a quiet ceremony and a pleasant get together with all the guys and gals i've befriended.

You haven't mentioned ur choice,..
sawan said…
A simple ceremony without much fanfare,no glamour or not-so-"big,fat" wedding.

not because its simple and less costly. because over here, "WE" would be the centre of attraction and not our guests! :-)
Priya Joyce said…
Now I hav changed anctually dropped the plan of I wud telll u wat I thot earlier on..

I used to fantasize abt the christian wedding seen in tat white dress and all...I luved to be married tat way..That never happens in our keralite
Harshita said…
I belong to a Punjabi family and for us, the wedding is more of a platform to share,laugh and have fun together. :)

So I would go for two weddings(with the same person ofcourse..hehe) a Customary wedding with halla-gulla,dance masti, good food and the typical shaadi masala... and another one wud be a beach wedding :)

I loved this post... :)
Anonymous said…
One where people who really matter to the couple who's eyes are filled with glee are arnd, There are always only a few of such kind exists so it has to be a very very small and an extremely private affair, where I am definitely not interested to see a long lost distant in court of law.{otherwise there is no need of marriage as such, its only a legal obligation for ppl who really cares for the bond anyways)
khiragni said…
ofcourse(A)."A BIG FAT WEDDING" where d bride n d groom r 'fat'..!
Anonymous said…
have to be 3rd one anwesa!!
even my love would prefer that i think...
priyambada said…
it gotta be option 1 if funded by some1 else......ur funding too will be graciously accepted:).......
Rocky said…
It's not the place or the people around me that matters to me. I dont mind any type of wedding as long as the one that I am going to marry can be with me in all the times.

Given a wedding of my choice, I would love the idea of getting married in presence of all those people whom I know :)
Rakesh said…
option 3 works for me
Kartz said…
Have lots of time to think... :P Jaldi kya hai...

Ok, so much for smart-alec responses. I ll go with anything that makes the moment as *memorable* as it can get. Simple or grandiose... Anything...

Not seen you in a while... Do drop in when you can. Good luck with ur exams. Chak de! ;)
Vamsi said…
If I ever want to get married,I will prefer a simple one..Infact register marriage sounds better.:)
Ashish said…
Certainly (a), as I would like my marriage to be grand, crazy and a memorable moment it's only once you marry ur partner!!
ANWESA said…
best of luck 4 dat!!
ANWESA said…
ya,we hav an inkling 4m ur recent b'de bash..hope its grander,bigger,better..
ANWESA said…
aha!!the man of no xpectations!!gr8!!!may lyf shower u wid happiness!!
ANWESA said…
ya,i resembles a fashion parade.simplicity is your ornament.lovely comments!!
ANWESA said…
gr8!!i can c lot of simple ppl here.u wer quick enuf 2 ask me..let it b a secret..
ANWESA said…
stunningly stark reply..may ur lyf b rosy as it can b..
ANWESA said…
clever answer!!!gr8 goin!!
ANWESA said…
@lil' priya,
wat ru saying?u dont hav dose white dresses on weddings???den how is it?no bridesmaid n best man??
ANWESA said…
hope dat will last 4evr..
ANWESA said…
thanx yaar,didn't kno u wer punjabi..beautiful ideas..thanx 4 liking this post..
ANWESA said…
pretty reply..tru gal..
ANWESA said…
hope u hav fattened up by dat for grooms,mmmm...
ANWESA said…
best of luck!!
ANWESA said…
ya of course..try n grab a rich one.i'm willing 2 fund ur wedding,after all a frnd in need,is a frnd indeed..
ANWESA said…
gr8 ideas man!!!
ANWESA said…
i can c dat option 3 works 4 most of my readers..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d wishes..n ur reply was as usual bamboozling..
ANWESA said…
gud luk wid dat..
ANWESA said…
gr8 idea!!sounding lyk shahrukh in kuch kuch hota hai..
Kartz said…
Bamboozling??? :D
ANWESA said…
i dunno if dat word xsists or not,when i'll b riting the dictionary,i'll surely put it.:)
Kartz said…
Oh no... It does exist... I was referring to an earlier comment u had made (in reply to wht I had said)

Bamboozle- perplex, mystify, deceive...

Peace. :)
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d info!!
Aneesh said…
well, sorry, i'm late. but dream wedding?.

If I can afford I'll certainly go for the very first one. Why not? After all you have just one FIRST marriage right?
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading bro!!n yes,ders only 1 FIRST wedding!!

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