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A time to celebrate..

Is this a compliment?

Indian Institute of Mass Communication(IIMC),Dhenkanal

A sunset at Dhenkanal

To all my readers....

This is my 26th post and it calls for celebration.I want to dedicate this post to my hometown-Dhenkanal(Orissa,India).
Famous Laxmi Puja of Dhenkanal
(14th October-23 October,2008)
I'll be back soon,till then keep smiling....


Harshita said…
Nice post... :)

Do come back soon.
ANWESA said…
mayz said…
come back soon...n enjoy d pujas :)
Kartz said…
Ah... Pooja time! Glory days in Kolkata...

Have fun. Peace and blessed be.
Vinz aka Vinu said…
native place always stay close to heart..enjoy your times..!!

Rakesh said…
hehe congo congo
Priya Joyce said…
njoy the poojas dear cum bakk soon hav fun
Pooja said…
Happy Puja dear...

wen i saw "A Time To Celebrate" as d topic of ur post...i was lyk,"since wen has dis gurl startd celebratn' end of internals"...;)
Pooja said…
Cuttack rocks in DP...
RiverSoul said…
Seek blessings for everyone there.
Its not all who are lucky to be there at the time of pooja.
Be right back
Diana said…
Hi Anwesa...Happy Dusshera n Laxmi Puja.....Badhiya lageni ehi time ta...with so much festivity in air......

BTW, ur tagged...check out my post
Hemanth Potluri said…
Good pics anwe...and Have a good time with the poja's..:)..and come bac soon :)..will be missin u :)..

brocasarea said…
enjoy the brk!!...:)...congrats!
ANWESA said…
i'll b back soon,i'll b bac b4 puja..
ANWESA said…
thanx,wish i cud see kolkatta during durga puja..
ANWESA said…
@vinz aka vinu,
thanx 4 complimenting..
ANWESA said…
wat did u say?
ANWESA said…
@priya joyce,
hey,i'll b back too soon..
ANWESA said…
ya,it was a coincidence dat the class tests ended at this tym.ya,cuttack rocks in dp,happy tyms ahead..
ANWESA said…
i'll pray 4 evry1 4 sure,i'll b bac in a jiffy..
ANWESA said…
puja abhinandan..
well,i tried the "need" tag n guess own posts n comments came in i guess its a nice feeling..i don't think i need anything else...
ANWESA said…
@hemanth potluri,
thanx 4 appreciating,i'll b bac too soon..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 wishing me..
Divya said…
enjoy =)

and lovely cake :D
Keshi said…
Happy 26th post hun!

Genius u r! :)

Trinaa said…
i want that cake!!!
ANWESA said…
thanx,take a piece of it(cake) dearie..
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 d compliment..
ANWESA said…
its all urs beby..
ANWESA said…
thanx,same 2 u..
Rajesh said…
Too good....nice pics
ANWESA said…
Well done... Silver Jublieeee congrats :)

Keep writin gal :)
ANWESA said…
@me mini mini mouse,
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
My blog has the same reading level too :)

The cake is sooo yummy!Nice pics dear.
ANWESA said…
"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi...for you

your blog is beautiful!thank....oh i like poems of India!
ANWESA said…
@rosa e olivier,
thanx 4 reading..keep blogging n visiting..
Aneesh said…
Congrats for the 26th post...
Keep posting..
see yah
Aparna said…
the pics are so good!
ANWESA said…

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