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Date: 13th August,2008


Time:9:45 am

A college bus comes to a halt on the national highway no.5.The reason-road blockade ahead by a political party on Amarnath land row.In apprehension of a goof up,the driver diverts the bus to a narrower path.He expected traffic to be quite less there.But phish!There was a serpentine queue of vehicles for nearly 2 kms...."Oh shit!!!!!",exclaimed all the 8 students on the bus.It was only 30 minutes to reach the exam hall and they were quite far away.Miss X had Analog Electronics paper at 10:15 am followed by Data Structure paper at 3:30 pm.She took all caution to follow her friends-crossing all boulders,uneven surfaces for about 200 metres.Then came the climax.As she was trying to negotiate with a steep path on foot,there was a noise "kadakada" from her knees.She realized that her favourite pair of sandals had given way.Worse still,she felt pain and couldn't walk!!!!! With great courage,she took a step forward..She tried to call a friend frantically by waving her hands.Miss X could no longer maintain a balance.An unknown girl and her friend made her sit on a chair,belonging to a makeshift "rakhi" stall.Our dear Miss X summoned an autorickshaw and directed him to the college.The roads were worst due to rains.She picked up two more of her friends from the way.All the while Miss X thought-"Hey,all will be right.Only appear the exam and then,I'll call home."The auto reached the college patio and she tried to get off.Again she lost her balance.She was picked by some girls-some known,some unknown saw her and most of them proved to be helpful.Her bag and sandals were picked up by one(Yes!she was wearing her shoes till then,in fact she meant to repair them as early as possible).

With two people carrying her on both sides,she managed to climb two fleets of stairs,her left leg having spasms from the pain.Steadily she reached the exam hall,few classmates asked what happened.She tried to reply.Meanwhile, the exam bell rung and she wrote her paper.After it was over,she called home.Her dad came in sometime and took her home. At once,the duo set off for the nearest hospital.Miss X had to be taken to the doctor on a wheel chair(It was her first brush with it!).The X ray report and diagnosis indicated a sprain in the knee.Again,she was relaxed a bit.Now she had an exam to appear...After a quick lunch and a dose of painkillers,she went off to the college with her parents.On request,she was allotted a room on the ground floor and wrote the exam.Several cancellations made her exam sheet look like a rough notebook.Anyhow an hour passed and she went out,her parents supporting her on both sides. Some teachers made enquiries regarding her condition and the "daddy dearest" replied to all of them.They returned home and she was put on the bed.She had her last paper the next day and tried to read for it.Night came and she went off to sleep.

Now our Miss X is recuperating.She's none other than the author of this blog and is using a "mishap" to get maximum love and care at home.

How was this post?Awaiting replies,



Pooja said…
oh my gudnes, rly happnd 2 u???god...m so sorry i wasnt even aware of it...othrwise i wud surely hav met u...get well soon...
ANWESA said…
Thanx Pooja,I'll soon b fit as a fiddle.
Gagan said…, while I was reading it....I was thinking of asking you whether you were the Miss X or not....but you revealed the secret in the end and spoiled my question....hehe

Anyway....I really hope you recover really soon....and I wish you all the blessings and care of the world....

And yes, I admire your courage....I dont think I would have had the capabilities to write an exam after such a scenario....let alone 2!!!! You need an applaud....clap clap clap clap!
sucheta said…
it was really an unlucky day 4 u,still u cud manage 2 sit 4 xams,hats off 2 ur courage,neways hope u recover soon,waitin 2 see u in college..
ANWESA said…
Thanx 4 ur gud wishes...
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 ur wishes..i wasn't able to see ur blog,enable access to all readers..
Priya Joyce said…
u a courageous gal really

a bad day it was
hey get well soon.
ANWESA said…
Thanx 4 wishing me luck...sometimes I think no. 13 is really many ppl had to walk 2 kms that day and reached the xam hall 20 mins late..
ANWESA said…
hey,I missed 1 pt..I lost my pair of was placed under the staircase but cudn't b found..
Nithin Jayan said…
wow..AWESOME STYLE OF WRITIN...welcum u de party...u r linked...!!!n heres ma official HI...n thnks 4 visiting...chk in often..!!!
Nithin Jayan said…
hey gimme yer feed url...
ANWESA said…
@Nithin Jayan,
Thanx 4 d compliments..but oops,i dunno wat a feed url is..
Aneesh said…
Hey anwesa, Excellent post.
Hope you'll be great soon :)
You'll remember these all as funny incidents, sometime later.
Saw my experiences??
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
Awww!Knee ligaments can really get nasty.Hope it was not a meniscus!

Take good care.

Good narration!
get well soon. really a bad day... its amazing you can write so cheerfully about it.

lucid and engrossing... lovely narration, interesting... didi eagerly looking frwd to ur subsequent posts.
ANWESA said…
@Abhisek sim,
Thanx 4 ur comments..
ANWESA said…
Thanx so much, but I'm almost walking now..nothing to worry..
ANWESA said…
I want to do just d fact,thanx 4 saying it..
Arun PK said…
i knew from the beginning it was u!! so how r u doin now?? "using a "mishap" to get maximum love and care at home".. that reminds me of my sister.. she'd do the same thing :-)... get well soon!!!
ANWESA said…
@Arun pk,
I nvr knew u had strong intuitions,but nontheless thanx 4 reading the post..recoverin quickly..
Dios Vengador said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dios Vengador said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Scribblers Inc said… are one determined and brave girl!!:)

Scribblers Inc.
ANWESA said…
@scribblers inc,
thanx 4 readin my blog..
pOlO said…
thanks for your comments on my blog.. :-)
ANWESA said…
ur welcome,keep writing n visiting..
Rakesh said…
Thanx for ur comments on my blog
ANWESA said…

ur most welcome..
Alok said…
The title is brilliant! :)

Take care of your leg, man.

And well, there are such days, and there are decisions. Nice to see you took a good decision. :)
Diana said…
Hi Anwesa...r u frm Orissa.....I work with the Indian Express from Bhubaneswar.....Nice to find a fellow Oriya blogger after Cindrella....
ANWESA said…
yes,i'm an Odia.
Harshita said…
Oh! Get well soon.

You have a great flair for writing...the post is really gud... :)

Take Care
ANWESA said…
яノςんム said…
omg.. it is awful.. the misfortune and the pain.. i hope ur exams went fine..
i can totally understand..

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