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What do you think of a five year old kid who lives on milk?No food,only a feeding bottle three times a day...That's me,this pic is mine when I was 18 months old.How do you like it?

At the same time,I was a big "goon" in my friend circle.My cousin,who was a year older than me,was a weak boy.He always said,"Let my sis' come,she'll set you right."When I came to his place(during holidays),most of his bullies woundn't step out of their houses.Such was the goonda-raj.Even 10 year old boys weren't spared.I still remember how I bashed them up,dragging them on stairs by their hair.One of them was a Judoka.When someone told him that we must have a second duel,he cried,"No,not with her."
My parents really began to worry when I didn't eat "solid food" even after I went to school.I consumed about 3.5 litres of milk a day and threw tantrums if it fell short or didn't taste good.My "lunch bottle" of milk was handed to me by a domestic help.It was a daily ritual.One day,the class teacher wrote in my school diary that the Principal wanted to meet my parents.A pall of gloom descended at home when I showed it to mom.The Principal told them the next day,"Please teach your child to eat "solid food".When she drinks milk in school,many children complain at home that they too,must be given milk for lunch.Please try to understand the situation."Eventually,I stopped drinking milk in school.On one occasion,my mom found me drinking milk from my little sis' feeding bottle.This had been taking place for months.I was warned not to do so again.All the while,my poor sister(a few months old) cried for food while I never appeared hungry.My poor sis'!!!I feel sorry for her now!
My pranks stopped only when I felt that I must take care of my younger sister and see that she comes to no harm.I felt responsible for her and perhaps wanted to set an example for her.Once when I was in Standard One,I had stored water in all the vessels I could lay my hand on.The water shortage made it imperative to store water for the entire day.My mom was sleeping then.
Today when I look back,I find I was a very naughty kid and guess what,most of the friends and acquintances refuse to believe it. As for my sister,she's my best friend now.


lolzzzzzz.... i dont believe it !! neither the pic, nor the story. lot of things to share n laugh at... i wudn't write them here though.

n i loved this new style... zarra nehein kafi hat ke !! u rock!!
ANWESA said…
hey abhishek,
its tru,vry tru..i kno u won't beliv it..vry eager to know ur take on this post..
"When I came to his place(during holidays),most of his bullies woundn't step out of their houses"

.... woow. out of words...
ANWESA said…
@abhishek sim,
thanx again..much more is to be said..more when we meet..
ANWESA said…

@all my readers,
plz take the poll on the blog..
RiverSoul said…
That was a very interesting insight into your younger childhood days.
I find it hard to believe that a kid on a liquid diet would ever say no to solid food, but I'll take your word for it.

Thanx for visiting my blog. Hope you liked it.
Do visit again.
I'm blogrolling you.
And I'm gonna take that poll.
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 ur reply,thanx 4 blogrolling,thanx 4 voting.
hehe ..i was so laughing..still i am
me as a kid used to empty milk glass along with my sis in the garden ..but u my dear had other ideas in your days...if i had consumed all that milk i would have been like the great khali..hehe
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 visiting..
Diana said…
Dragged cousins down the stairs by hair....3.5 ltrs of milk a day...i cant stop laughing.....
Priya Joyce said…
my godness anwesa u r a milk baby
ha ha
photo is cute dear luved the post

i had probs of drinking milk frm bottle i never used to drink milk frm glass.
so my parents wen we shifted frm our place to jaipur had to lie to me tat they had forgotten the bottle there only.
ha ha i cried a lot but left it anyway ha ha
ANWESA said…
i dragged my cousin's bullies,that too when i was told,"u kno,he hit me 3 months ago."
thanx 4 visiting..
ANWESA said…
i too left feeding bottle at about 6.i dint drink milk at school but did it at funny it must have been for others!
*~*{Sameera}*~* said…
You lived on only milk till 5?Woah!

Cute pic :)
ANWESA said…
Rajesh said… was lovely reading...this was mych similar to my previous write-ups...i mean recollecting past incidents etc...etc...i cud relate..was a nice read..

P.S: My blog updated
ANWESA said…
Gagan said…
Haha....It sure brought a smile on my was very nice to read it....And the best part was the part when you wrote that you drank milk out of ur sister's bottle....haha....I couldnot stop laughing....because It was so funny the way I was picturing it in my head....hahahaha!!!! What a fun read yaar....very nice!
Keshi said…
hahaha so cute! U looked so darn chubby n sweet awww... :)

When I was a 6-month old baby, apparently I was really ill and DYING...cos of a stomach infection and measles I contracted at the same time..but I told God I wanted to live til I grew up so I cud blog...and He let me :)

Cinderella. said…
:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

( Hope now you get the idea, what my sate of mind is after reading this ?!!

YOu lived on just milk till 5, bashed up kids as older as 10, drank up your sis's part too.....I mean you're one of our kinds girl !)
Rakesh said…
hey nice pic girl
ANWESA said…
thanx..NICE TO KNOW ABT U..u will b surprised to kno dat the doc dint xpect me to survive wen i was's quite a paradox,isn't?
ANWESA said…
thanx..keep visiting..still interesting stories r on the way..
Toonfactory said…
Hahaha...nice blog (sorry dropped in uninvited)Cute Damn Cute :)
ANWESA said…
thanx..but no sorry accepted..ur welcome to visit my blogs..
Toonfactory said…
Do watch Wall-E its awesome...and thanks for visiting my blog :) keep visiting
Aneesh said…
Haha, Milkophobia?
Well, do you still beat up boys and drag them by their hair LOL :)

Nice post, enjoyed it!!
Nice one .... it takes quite a bit to write about one's own self ..
Solitaire said…
GOSH!!!! How did you manage to drink sooooooo much milk??????????????
ANWESA said…
thanx again..
ANWESA said…
i'm milkophillic..i last thrashed 1 of my cousins when he overplayed his hands.but i dint drag him by his hair..
ANWESA said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ANWESA said…
i drank so much milk coz i dint eat any kinda food.i still drink generous amount of milk.
Keshi said…

Come and collect ur award :) thank god we both lived to give and receive awards lol!

ANWESA said…
thanx a ton 4 giving me d award.its my 1st badge of honour on bloggerville.hope i'll keep on blogging n u too..
Priya said…
Very cute pic. You must have been a very naughty kid huh;)
ANWESA said…
thanx..n u guessed it rite..hahaha
ANWESA said…
@descrying the shadows,
P.S:I wrote ur name wrongly at first,sorry 4 dat..
Sneha said…
Sweet pic.
enjoyed your post.:)
have a nice day.
cheers !!
debasish.. said…
ahhaaan...interesting pix ;)

and dat entire 'milk' episode .. ha ha !

thanxx fr stoppin by!
Keshi said…
Good to know that :) And keep up the good work Anwesa!

ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
thanx again..
Salil said…
My 18-month daughter also refuses to take food most of the days and survives only on milk. And she seems to have enough strength to last the whole day playing. She is not the naughtiest kid but definitely naughty than all her friends in our apartment complex.
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 visiting,take care of ur daughter,oocchi pooochi pooh to her!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my...i used to hate milk, used to dislike its smell, its taste,everything about it, but before 4, it was my diet...then I left it altogether.
Even today I don't like most of the milk products...
I'm glad you changed though...most 'bullies' do...I was quite a quiet,sensitive,and shy kid who could never open up...I hate somethings about myself when I look back...I suffered because I was complexed by worthless girls and when I started speaking, I realisd none of them could understand what I wanted to say...*sighs* looks so painful...till a time came when i reverted to my ways...let time change only thankful for what i did...time is changing them :)
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 visiting..
brocasarea said…
hmm....i havent seen ur present snap so cant comment abt it!1..
abt that milk thing..u really have a good digestive tract:)...
ANWESA said…
ANWESA said…
Goli said…
lol, that was very funny.. :)
Alok said…
Haahhhaa! I can say - you have a milky past :)

thanks for dropping by at my blog and the comment.
Keshi said…
Come check out my doc's pic!

Vinz aka Vinu said…
:) much of milk...

even i got a cousin sister who was like this...the only person she dreaded was me..!

ANWESA said…
@vinz aka vinu,
thanx 4 visiting..
Rakesh said…
Liked the pic :)
Liked the post even more

Guess its normal for anyone to be a naughty kid during childhood. And we do grow up :)
ANWESA said…
thanx 4 reading,when we grow up,we
r charmed by our own childhood..i feel so.

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