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Jail reforms are in full swing in Orissa.Convicts are being trained to live for a purpose-the purpose of building a better soceity.Even some of them take board exams(mostly Xth) while in jail.Recently a prisoner scored more than 60% marks in Xth boards,no mean feat for someone who would be otherwise shunned from the soceity.Many are trained in arts and crafts by jail authorities and they spend rest of their lives with dignity-earning their own bread.These measures have gone a long way in removing stigma attached to criminals and their families.
So far,so good.
The world has seen how some fanatics torched down an Australian missionary,Graham Staines and his two sons in Keonjhar,Orissa about a decade back.The aftermath of this bloody massacre shook the very roots of religious harmony and secularity of India.It took around 10 years to put the culprits behind bars.The main accussed in the case is presently lodged in Keonjhar Jail,Orissa.Lately,he is on hunger strike because the jail authorities have not fulfilled his demand.His demand,of all the things on earth,is a satellite television.I leave it to my readers to think about the nature of his 'demand'.On the top of that,he refuses to wear the jail uniform meant for prisoners.
He committed a heinous crime,not only against humanity but also against God. What does he mean by asking for such a frivolous asset,only The Almighty knows.When a criminal is convicted for life,it is done with a view to give him/her an opportunity to atone for the deed committed.Is it serving the purpose?
I'm not in favour of capital punishment but I wonder what to do with people who never mean to mend their ways.....


CutePooja said…
The answer is Capital Punishment...
at least d person wudnt b able 2 get away 4m dat
Anonymous said…
Pooja may be right but each system has its own disadvantages.The question is that people have no remorse after committing heinous crimes.

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