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We have lost his ideals,Gandhi is dead today....


Aneesh said…
Gandhiji was dead long ago, The day he was physically killed started it all and gradually it is complete now, I think. only, kids and teachers in school remember him, I think :(
ANWESA said…
sadly,wat u said,Aneesh is true!but he's dead 4 all our MP's too and they have openly declare it by behaving in the ugly way!!!
Gagan said…
Hmm....Thats very true!
ANWESA said…
thanx gagan 4 ur comment...
Lena said…
people lose old ideals every now and then, forgetting everything good and basing life on something material and unworthy. It is sad it is happening this way but i believe they will come to senses and something will change for better :)
ANWESA said…
Thanx 4 ur comment n visitin my blog..
Rakesh said…
I really appreciate the way you are trying to put forward the point to the people around you.
ANWESA said…
Thanx RAKESH,for ur appreciation.
Priya Joyce said…
The worst thing is people hav forgotten all and over that criticize him also and some even make fun of him.
Gosh! what do they know about him its a real shame that we don't remember the man behing the freedom we now have got used to.
ANWESA said…
Thank you Priya for your comments.
I respect your feelings.

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