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This face speaks.....
Of the immense potential the new generation has.A gruesome end to a fairytale,as I put it.
Every girl is a fairy,a princess in her home.Irrespective of all differences,be it personal or socio-economic,every child is special.Be it Aarushi or Asif or next door Chintoo,all are the soul of their parents.What happened with Aarushi is known to everyone..
anyone who watches satellite television is a mute spectator to the great fiasco created by the media and police over the death of a girl,belonging to an upper-middle class family of Noida.The way the "facts" were framed,the police' theories regarding the murder and above all,charging the father made me angry.I did not write about her before because I found it hard to believe that a father(that too in medical profession,where life is a valued possession) could ever kill his daughter in a fit of rage.
The media brought several false notions about Aarushi's family which could severely impair their social life.Even relatives and friends would be ashamed to be associated with the family in any way.
The less said about the police,the better.It acted in an irresponsible way- indulged in character killing of the victim-used "honour killing" theory to defame the family.The actual mystery may never unveil now. What happened that fateful night is still in shrouds.
I'm ashamed to live in a country where police,the supposed saviour of people and media,the fourth pillar of democracy - take shortcuts to gain limelight.


Gagan said…
First, thankyou for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

WOW....INTENSE....AMAZINGLY DEEP....AND STRONG! I absolutely agree wih every word that you just wrote in is so unfair of the media to blow news so much out of proportion. Aarushi's case was taken really badly....and yes, the worst part was his father being accused of her is hard to believe that the police can do sumthing like that without proper evidence!

Loved the way you quoted everything.

P.S: Blog Rolled You By the way!!!!
ANWESA said…
Thanx 4 ur comments and thanx 4 blogrolling me..
Aneesh said…
Yah, what media does is give popularity to whatever they think can catch the audience, no matter how vulgar it is

BTW, you r tagged :)
ANWESA said…
thanx aneesh 4 visiting my blog..
Tara said…
Sometimes the media glamourises the gruelest of crimes, it makes me sad. Aarushi's death was very sad, the fact that the case has been shut without an answer makes it sadder.
(Thanks for the birthday wishes, blogrolling you!)
Aneesh said…
Just post some interesting quirks about you and give the link to the person who tagged you, that's it.
Its started by joiedevivre :) just for fun!!
ANWESA said…
thanx Tara 4 ur comments..
ANWESA said…
thanx Aneesh 4 ur help..
Rocky said…
Happened to stumble across your blog after I saw the comment on my blog.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I kind of stopped blogging after that post which you read.
Will start composing again in the coming week.

And coming to your topic, I am afraid to tell this, but Indian police is considered to be the second best in world after Swiss Guard in solving cases. I am not sure about this though. It might be because that our police find the real culprits real soon or fake someone as the culprit.

They find ways to tackle a situation. Its always the media. To sustain the pressure from media and stabilize the situation, police come up with different stories
ANWESA said…
Thanx rocky 4 visiting my blog.and thanx 4 caring to post a comment.I was disgusted to see how blatantly the victim's was treated by state police as well as the media.So I wrote about it when the case was closed.If Indian police in 2nd best,God save the other countries..
Rocky said…
That's very true Anwesa.
And thanks to you too for visiting my blog.
Viajero said…
Just hated the flash news being beamed all through this episode.....all time and money spent just to gain the extra advt mileage out of a news ...
ANWESA said…
Thanx viajero,
for visiting my blog and for ur comments.keep visiting..
Ayushi said…
tnx for visiting the crazy me...but i assure u I'm never permanently that high ;)
What happened to d family is indeed a shame....innocent lives spoilt...another dark spot for the police
kill a daughter so brutally in a fit of 'rage' and rage over what? ...were all the bunch of those pigs(police) mad? i really dont know...with the kind of theory they made up, one would be inclined to feel they were suffering acutely from mental illness!
ANWESA said…
Thanks Ayushi for saying ur mind.I am thinking on the same lines.(I think we share the same vibes on a personal level,especially on issues like this).the Noida police' theory on the murder sounded like a D grade bollywood flick.
Rakesh said…
i guess the arushi case was spoilt by media...
They just for getting their TRP rating high came out with all kinda false ideas....
Media i guess have forgotten why they exist and wat their role is...
Pooja said…
dese dayz media cares abt TRP not d truth...once media was d most reliable source but now it's all abt gossip...
rocky said…
wrote a new post on my blog. Please visit when you have time
ANWESA said…
Thanx Rakesh 4 ur comments...
ANWESA said…
Thanx Pooja for ur comments...
Rocky said…
I have placed a link on my blog to your blog.
listed you on my blogroll.
keep going
ANWESA said…
tHANX rOCKY FOR blogrolling me...
pitruprasad said…
i went through the entire analysis of the mishap which happened.i am least bothered what happened to Arushi and what will happen to the case.

But one thing you can take it for Sure......

its about you.......about our family.......Another Arundhati Roy is in the making.......i am wrong ....another Anwesha is in the making............

wish you luck.........ofcourse the best one..

Jhuma mausi and mausa
ANWESA said…
My Respected Uncle,
Thank u 4 the so..o big compliment...

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