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The nation witnessed the slow but sure death of democracy in Indian Parliament yesterday.Money flowed like turbulent water of floods inside the "Temple of Democracy".(I'm not saying water because its hard to get good water these days).It seems that Indian politics is the highest paying sector today-corporates are far behind.MPs are huge profit mongering giants-ready to gobble up ideals of those who lived and died for the nation.The pell-mell was worse than fish markets and I was ashamed to see it all.The opposition had brought in a no-confidence motion against the government on the nuclear deal issue.And the rest was shame!!!!!
It seems public money has been taken for granted-after all,its all the tax payers money.The situation seems to be very disheartening-the honourable members of the Parliament must at least maintain the dignity and decorum of the House.
I am quite sad to see that the nation is in hands of people who lack basic human values like courtesy and patience.


CutePooja said…
Politics has become synonymous wth corruption rather than ideology...
anwesa said…
Thanx Pooja,4 ur comments,that's where the shoe pinches.
Aneesh said…
Well, atleast hope that the N-deal will bring only good to us :)
anwesa said…
Thanx Aneesh 4 ur comments.At least,the dependence on petroleum products might decrease.

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