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"Hard work works"
"A successful man does things exactly correct,a failure does them nearly correct"
I have seen several such quotes hanging in the study rooms of several aspirants of Orissa JEE.
This year there has been a great farce during the counselling of OJEE.First of all,the private medical colleges of Orissa were not allowed to admit students-the reason being they had not received an approval of Ministry of Health,New Delhi.The colleges are only a year old and need annual approvals to admit students.Then came another bolt from the blue. Private engineering colleges of the state refused to admit students from OJEE counselling.They wanted that the seats reserved for NRI candidates are reverted back to them in case they are not filled up by the category.The government was adamant on this issue.
Both sides are now on a legal warfront.An interesting solution has been found to this problem-I am ignorant which side first conceived the idea.The counselling will continue as per schedule but admissions will not be made till the government and OPECA(Orissa Private Engineering Colleges Association) reach an aimcable solution.This means student's fate hangs in balance till the legal battle is over.On the worst note,the succesful candidates may have to forego admissions this year inspite of getting a good rank.The trauma of students who appeared for both engineering and medical and got reasonable ranks in both is better not to be discussed.
There are several issues to be addressed.They are:
(i)Should not the Ministry of Health,New Delhi clear the status of private medical colleges much ahead of counselling sessions?
(ii)Should not the private institutions clear its stand on NRI quota way ahead of counselling?
(iii)Should not the government ensure that no meritorious student suffers due to conflicts between
public and private bodies?
The biggest casualties of such fiascos are undoubtedly the students who burnt midnight oil to get through one of the most competitive exams-where success and failure can be separated by just one mark.The government will not claim responsibility and the colleges will fill their seats by charging inordinately high capitation fees.God only knows when things will improve.


CutePooja said…

ppl r so much blinded by all this dat alas,someone's labour, merit..everythn comes 2ndary...
ANWESA said…
Very true,the system has made ppl so corrupt that its beyond control now..
Arun PK said…
I have been thru this...we have similar problems in Kerala too about Private Managements, Government Colleges, Fees Isue, Merit, Quota... this n that... admission gets delayed by almost 8 months with students losing a valuable year. The funny part is, in a class of students everyone pays different fees depending on blah blah blah!!
Aneesh said…
I agree with arun, you've to wait for the results for a very long period of time and sometime to get mark lists also,
ANWESA said…
Thanx Arun PK,
Sometimes I feel merit is subdued by other factors.I wish at least education be spared from this money game.In Orissa too,there are students paying nearly 20 lacs for a course by sheer wealth.While normal costs are not beyond 5 lacs.
ANWESA said…
Thanx Aneesh for ur commentz...
Aneesh said…

Hey I've given a reply for your comment, check it out :)

Aayushi..^ said…
Materialism speaks.


Nice posts,buddy.
Thanks a ton for inviting me hre
Aneesh said…

I'm blogrolling u :)
ANWESA said…
Thanx Aayushi for reading my blog..
Tejaswi said…
wht is this counselling??? kya yaar private or govt..Study ka kuch charm nehii raha.. Engineering degree has become a if u buy it..Medical is also nt far behind this tag..We need quality doctors and enggs,,who can really work for the country..
ANWESA said…
thanx Tejaswi 4 ur thought provoking ideas!!
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