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I got a strong reaction to the post of 1st June,"Girls-a neglected lot?".Many of the respondents were girls.They made it clear-we are not born to die .Boys echoed similar sentiments.
In spite of such a favourable reaction, women in India,sadly, are socially backward even in 21st century.There is a silver lining of course.Two female astronauts of Indian origin have made their mark in NASA.Most corporate biggies today hire a larger number of female employees since they are better team workers.This dispels the myth that woman is her own enemy.Nowadays,girls are earning a fat salary,at par with their male counterparts.
But,here too, she is subjected to untold misery and trauma.
Whenever a female employee climbs up the promotion ladder faster than her male colleagues,she is chided to have 'canvassed' the boss.Similar things occur among men too,but in the former case,it is quite difficult for a girl to live with such a remark,especially in a traditional soceity like India(it's a taboo in India).
How do we stop such a line of thought-there lies the question.In a country like India,women are traditionally considered as a 'commodity'.Rarely do men think about the distinct individuality of women.This gives rise to the vicious cycle of 'social backwardness' ,mentioned earlier in this article.There is another dimension in the lives of all women, apart from that of a daughter,wife and mother.Sadly,almost all men and women have disregarded this aspect.Most woman employees leave their career midway to take up their traditional duties -that of a wife and mother.The 'family' aspect is so much engraved in their minds that they put all their earning skills into oblivion.If they do not do so,they are touted as 'selfish'.Thus,in a way a woman is like a 'puppet' in the hands of a parochial and chauvist soceity.
I may sound feminist but this is the way it happens.Only through social awakening(similar to that of abolition of sati) can a woman live her life as an individual,not dependent on somebody for physical support.
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