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Many people all over the world use English language as their chief means of bussiness communication. In India, the IT boom has accelerated the pace of globalisation.Thus, it becomes essential for all of us to sharpen our 'English' skills.No!I don't mean reading serious literature (Shakespeare,Milton etc). We must master on listening,speaking,reading and writing English as a gateway to success in professional career. I have a few self-tested techniques of using one's 'English' prowess to get things done perfectly.
#EAT,DRINK,SLEEP ENGLISH: Those who study in English medium schools are at a greater advantage only because they get a chance to interact in English in real life situations! So, one must try to use the language in real life set ups,and not in a 3 month crash course.
#LISTEN TO NATIONAL NEWS AT LEAST ONCE A DAY: Here lies a myth,listening to BBC news is helpful,other channels won't do.Any English news telecasts are fine for our purpose(Ex:NDTV 24*7,TIMES NOW,CNN IBN..).(*Listening is different from passive hearing).We must speak intelligibly.
#READ GOOD QUALITY BOOKS:'Reading maketh a full man',said Francis Bacon.
Reading books of authors like Ruskin Bond ,Manoj Das and a host of other Indian writers goes a long way.For those who cannot buy books or read for pleasure "Chandamama" is a good option(I still read it even if I'm 19 and its a childrens' magazine).
#WRITE PLAIN AND POWERFUL ENGLISH: One has to be as simple as possible in
bussiness communication.So,try writing short,simple sentences over a period of time. You will surely improve!!!!!!!
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