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I am quite happy that I got 1 reply for my "My first harvest".Today is Thursday,the day of Goddess Laxmi,who is highly revered in Orissa.It is believed that all ventures should embark on this day or "Bidyarambhe guru sreshtha",i.e,it is best to start learning a new skill on Thursday.
I saw on the Gujjar agitation on television.India has been plagued by casteism even after six decades of independence.This is the curse of malapropists of Hinduism,so says history.Another facet of removal of this menance was Bhakti movement in 15th century all over India.Kabir,Mirabai and Nanak were a part of this movement.In Orissa,maybe,Balaram Dash had propounded this line of faith by composing "Laxmi Puran".The story goes on like this:

Goddess Laxmi used to visit every household on wee hours of Thursday morning.The lady of the house was supposed to cleanse and purify the home and keep on praying the Goddess till daybreak.On one such occassion,the Goddess found each home dirty except one,that of Shriya,the untouchable woman.The Goddess was pleased and granted her boons of wealth and prosperity.
Back at Shri Mandir,Puri(home of Jagannath,Balabhadra,Subhadra and Laxmi),Balabhadra was agitated by Goddess Laxmi's conduct and forced her out of the temple since she had visited an untouchable's home.Before leaving, Laxmi cursed Jagannath and Balabhadra of not getting a drop of water or a morsel of food for the next 12 years.Her curse worked and the Gods suffered a lot.After 12 years,the gods begged at Goddess Laxmi's door,who had built a palace for herself and the duo ate there. They realized their mistake and asked Laxmi to forgive them.
The entire episode was fabricated by Lord Jagannath to propagate the ill-effects of untouchability.
The "lord of the universe" i.e.,Jagannath had to undergo a hardship of 12 long years to teach man a lesson, is this what we have learnt?


CutePooja said…
That was really thought provoking. Casteism is the worst evil India has ever faced. Thank You for drawing our attention towards it.
ANWESA said…
thanx pooja,4 ur comments..

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